• Building the Anticipation

    For various reasons I have not been able to update my blog over the past couple of weeks – and so much progress has been made. I’ll have to break it down into smaller entries.
    At the moment I find that a planned session feels so much better and relaxing. Having that feeling inside of you knowing that a session will happen that evening helps to mentally prepare for what is to come. The anticipation builds inside of you, waiting for the moment you can begin.
    With the wife away for 2 nights, I knew that I had to take full advantage. Once the time had come for my session, I could hardly make it up the stairs quick enough and get undressed before reacquainting myself with my Progasm. Immediately the familiar feelings return and the first orgasm arrives in less than 10 minutes. From that point onwards the next 2 hours were orgasm filled – I can’t say how many but it was an incredible ride.
    The following night was more of the same – by using different methods of contraction and relaxation, I could almost orgasm at will. Every session seems to bring something different – whether it the length of the orgasms, the intestity or the ability to have MMO there is always something to be gained for the next session.

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