• Broke the Ceiling

    I hadn't entirely given up on seeing where I could go without nipple stimulation, but it wasn't really on my mind this afternoon as I started a second session. The first was heavy on nipple stimulation and was very good as a result. I can't remember much else from it as it seems to have been mostly eclipsed in my mind by the session this entry is about. I do know that I got my penis involved which isn't the norm for me.
    I started off this session relaxed with my legs slightly spread and bent with a cover over me and my butt resting on a pillow to get a slight elevation for handle clearance; a pretty typical setup. There was already the vague sense of pleasure I get from having one of the Aneroses inside. I felt something slightly extra, though, as I lay there relaxed. It was a more tangible pleasure from the Helix against my prostate. Maybe it helped that I had already had a session. Maybe things were still sensitive from that. Not sure.
    I soon found that just focusing on this pleasure caused it to grow. I couldn't perceive any physical action from PC muscles. I wasn't trying to initiate anything. The pleasure was just happening by my thoughts. It grew and grew and grew until I was in the throes of what I had hoped to experience: a hands free Super O without even using my nipples. I was on cloud 9 and stayed there for close to an hour.
    Things had finally come together. I feel like a load of sexual repression has been slowly lifted off my shoulders over the past 5 weeks or so. It culminated this afternoon as I broke though this barrier into a new part of the journey. The sensitivity has grown. The muscle control has come into focus. The awareness of the sensations from my body has heightened. The relaxation has been there nearly from the start and I've continued to rely on it. The rewiring continues even now.
    There were a couple new things I picked up on during this Super O. Not only could my focus help bring about the p-waves, but a conscious relaxing of the muscles down there really aided things too. I'm guessing it was the PC muscles. In any case it was more a matter of hijacking the tendency to clench when the pleasure got to a certain point. Normally I can have an involuntary muscle contraction that feels like I'm starting to double over for a brief secon. This wasn't happening at least early on in the Super O. I had developed enough muscle/mental control to keep things relaxed to sustain the pleasure for huge amounts of time without refueling the fire with my nipples. I eventually used the nipples after I had dropped from the first Super O and it felt great as usual, but I could take it or leave it at point. I didn't have a care in the world.
    I also tried initiating some movement of the Helix during the Super O and that worked out pretty well too. A side to side movement of the Helix ramped things up for a while from an already euphoric state. My prostate thanked me for that one.
    I probably produced more precum from this than I ever have, but it still wasn't a large amount. That's just not how things work for me. I decided to try and have a T-gasm after I'd had my fill. It took a little soft porn to "get things switched back over" for it, but it was pretty good too. It's not always easy for me to cum with the Helix in. I haven't quite figured out what makes it easier one time and not at others. I suspect that if the p-waves are going on strong enough, it makes it harder to reach a T-gasm. It's just a curiosity at this point.
    The journey continues.

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      03/11/2014at4:49 pm

      Thanks Vandelay.
      Your blog is very helpful to me. As a 100% nipple man myself, I am trying to wean myself off nipple action like you and let my prostate come alive—-like what happened to you. I bet you are one happy man.
      I see this blog post as a must read to be read by me several times to follow your lead.
      Keep posting for us nipple guys who need to let the prostate be the focus of the rewiring.

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