• Breathing is key

    Hey guys. Have been gone for a minute but I only like to report new things that happen to me in my journey. So here we go. So I have been having some great sessions. Some long and some short but last night was clearly by far the best to date. So I cleaned out and lubed up. I noticed that I am started to instantly get waves from instant insert. I'm laying on my stomach as I'm reading blogs on the Aneros site and boom huge waves begin to swirl inside my body. My feet, my legs and my butt. My hole is already puckering and only after 4 minutes of having device inside.
    I'm loving the build up. I'm keeping calm cause I've noticed if you stay calm and keep the breathes very slow and steady it will lengthen the orgasm and the intensity of the orgasm. So trying to keep calm in this not burning up room that was once just cool from the night breeze. Sweat if pouring and so is my pre-cum. But i feel this pull to my body. Like two great hands were turning me over and that is actually what was happening.
    I gradually begin to turn on my side and my one leg begins to come up and my other leg begins to straighten out. This was the position that I use to do when I first got my Helix 5 months ago. I'm still building but now on my side getting more crazy feelings getting shot through my whole body. I mean I feel so good. I'm moan loud and beginning to have flaying arms. I cant keep still but still trying to keep the breathing together. I feel it. I feel it. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    YES YES YES I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMM. I'm feel like I'm on top of the world. Thank god parents were gone cause I would not have been able to keep that one quiet at all. But then it kept cumming. Oh lord! I forgot I'm still keeping my breathing soft and steady so my body is still exploding. Oh god. OH GOD MMMMMMMMMM. I'm shaking uncontrollably and I feellike my Phoenix is going to erupt from inside at any minute. Oh I feel so good. I begin to rub my already hard nipples. I'm not touching my dick but I don't even have to. He;s having fun all on his own. He's pre-cumming like crazy and this orgasm is still going strong.
    My head now begins to feel light like its about to detach at any minute. YES YES YES is all I can say. No words needs to be mention. I am not in control any more. I don't even care. If my phoenix can keep me this satisfied then I don't care what he does to me. I'm still cumming, I'm still shaking and I'm just asking to keep it going. I Really beginning to feel this orgasm in my head. This is a first. I begin to now cry out and blubber cause of this beautiful hot intense feeling.
    Oh Oh Oh after a few more thrust the feeling begins to descend. Oh the after glow and after feelings of a long great orgasm always puts me under a trance. I am now back down from that beautiful blissful place that I have been frequently been visiting. Oh I love super O's. I mean I love to orgasm all together hence the name. But a super o just sends me into that zone of no return and it just makes me feel so much better. So guys breathing is the key. Stay calm and let it happen trust me you could have intense orgasms as well.

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