• Breaking the Routine & Small Jitters

    I’ve been struggling to find time for this post, but a few days ago were a little special. Nothing crazy, but still different.
    I had like 3-4 days of no Aneros or masturbation in general, and started an Aneros session kind of early on in the day.
    It got pretty nice with some good feelings only building up to like 20% contraption strength or so, I was very in the mood, but got too distracted by my roommate being up and awake. I’ve been thinking if I should tell him about the Aneros stuff, because eventually he’ll most likely find out anyway.
    So I quit kind of early on but was still completely in the mood, so I was just browsing porn and stuff as I was waiting for him to go to work.
    That’s when it hit me about the tips I got about mixing things up. Aneros has become too much of a routine for me. I was like: “I’m feeling horny, I’m browsing porn, and me having an Aneros in wouldn’t even be noticeable”. So I went for it! This is probably the first time I had the Aneros in while just being in front of the computer since the very first time I used it when I did traditional masturbation at the same time. Now of course, it’s way different this time because I’m actually focusing on breathing and contraptions.
    It was kind of nice. It was exciting because it was something new, but ultimately didn’t end up very special. Session length is also very undetermined but it was definitely a couple hours.
    At the end I started goofing a bit too, I used my fingers because I thought I would try and locate my prostate. I think I haven’t tried that for maybe 10 years, although I was oblivious about prostate stuff at the time.
    I was doing contraptions with the finger in and I definitely felt the whole area shaking, but I can’t say I was able to locate the prostate spot-on. Maybe my fingers are too short.
    After that was more goofing, I went to the bath with a different dildo-like thingy, because I thought I would try to achieve an anal orgasm again. As usual that led to nothing and I ended up throwing the thing at the end.
    So even though the session length was put as 90-180 I only count that as Aneros play, but the prostate took some abuse that day.
    After this kind of unusual day I was feeling a bit uneasy that the new things I’m trying ain’t leading to anything, but still keeping hope
    that I will come far by just keeping up what I’ve been doing.
    Later that night was something I didn’t expect. Now as far as “Aless” is concerned, the only thing I’ve been starting to feel is small, small jolts of itching in there. Not in an annoying way, like I would want to scratch the area or something. But I can only describe as a small itch.
    This night. I actually started feeling some jitters and vibrating even though I had nothing in. As I tried to sleep, I enjoyed it. I was sure it was because of the Aneros, and got a little more positive in the end.
    This would be 3-4 days after that, and I have a lot of time by myself today. I feel great. I might not blog post about it though unless I discover something new, either mentally or sensationally. But if I do, I hope it won’t take as long for me to post about it.
    I need to break things up more. I’ve been thinking a lot about the tip I got about taking a bath before, maybe meditate, and really get relaxed. Break the routine as much as possible.
    Something that came into my attention is that for every session I have, I seem to feel the most sensation while I am building the contraptions or when I am at maximum contraption strength (both anal and rectal contraptions, pushing in and out), but never both. I can have a session where it starts feeling good at 20% contraption strength and then it stagnates, or I don’t feel much at all but it becomes nice as I am pushing all I can. I don’t know what to make of this, I’m just trying not to think about it and just enjoy what happens.
    Oh, and that theory about the Helix being too long? Yeah, scratch that one. I already don’t believe in that.
    Anyways, I’ll stay in the lottery and hope I win someday. I hope your life and your sexual sensations are great – anal play or not. Thanks for reading.

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