• Both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic Rock: Session for Monday November 19

    Hi guys,
    It is getting close to noon this late Monday morning on a rather cold November day. November 2012 has been colder than normal, it seems. I think it is because of Hurricane Sandy, who brought cold weather in behind her exit several weeks ago. Most of my Novembers here in Washington, DC over the years have been fairly mild. But this one has been rather chilly. This morning I am wearing an Under Armour cold gear steel blue long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. Under Amour cold gear for athletes has a couple layers of fabric to keep out the cold. This fabric is sensuous lycra spandex. I can wear this shirt as a base fabric underneath a sport jacket. I just love to stimulate and caress my nipples through my UA shirt as I savor the afterglow of an immensely satisfying Aneros session earlier this morning.
    Legend of models used this morning: PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic; HC = Helix Classic; M = Maximus
    Sequence of models used earlier today: PI-HC-PC-M-PI-PC
    Generally I like to do sets of extended Kegels )one minute each( for both the Progasm Ice, Progasm Classic, and Maximus.
    The Progasm Ice with its sleek girth is the model I use now to open my sessions. Five extended Kegels with the Progasm Ice provide fuel for his massage action. Then I let the PI have his way with me through his autof**king. I just savored his massage action through my various breaths and brief Kegels thrown in. Next I enjoyed the "little" Helix Classic and the aggressive loving he gave me. Afterwards, big bruiser Progasm Classic received me lovingly. With these three models, I spent a good thirty minutes a piece.
    Next I spent another thirty minutes with Maximus. I was amazed at how so naturally Maximus and I interact when we Aneros. He's there for me. It is absolutely wonderful. Then I spent another half hour with Progasm Ice. Just loved how he reacted so favorably to my sets of Kegels. Finally it appeared that I spent more than 30 minutes with his big bruiser, Progasm Classic. This time, I Kegeled a great deal with my big guy in several sets of five, perhaps five sets or more! These Kegel sets with my Progasm Classic made for an awesome session of free, unrestricted autof**king which has been set indelibly in my memory. I do believe that I am really on the verge of something awesome! Perhaps a Super-O soon for sure.

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