• Bonding

    Hey guys. I love that there is a blog section on this site. I like how I can check in and blog just about what I'm thinking or how I experienced something different in my sessions and need feed back. Well it's one of those times were I need a listening ear.
    So as you all know my dad is now on a Aneros journey. He has been riding for a few months and love the feelings he is getting. We have become very open about a lot of things. Things like sex, love, me being gay and him experiencing same sex fun. I know it shocked me too. I know when I reported about our first session together a few guys were appalled that it happen & were really jumping to conclusions about our father & son relationship. I just ignored it cause I know nothing happened. I just feel really close to my dad now and he sees me as a man. Which I really respect.
    So he has informed me about a lot of things he did in his high school/college days. Now he says he's not gay but he does fantasize. Well there's nothing wrong with that. I just told him he's a straight/bi curious married man. There's a lot of those around even on this website. I keep telling him to make a account to convey his feelings cause there are men who feel just like him but he just blows it off. He did inform that he will never be with a guy while he is married cause he value his family and wife. I see the love between him and my mom so I know he's not going any where. But I can tell that Aneros scratches that bi itch that he has just fine.
    So to counter the things he told me I told him things. Things like my first time and how I like being submissive. I can tell he was really listening. That made me happy. He's a great guy. He even gave me a two day vacation at home alone to really enjoy my progasm ice. I feel our bond getting stronger. We were just father and son but were now like best friends almost like brothers. Not to sound racial but black fathers & sons don't really open up about things like this so the fact that we are is breaking down so many barrels.
    To close this blog out dad informed me that he is going out of town for a business trip and he asked me to come along. I excitedly said yes. We will be gone for three days next week. Really looking forward to it. Even though he will e working I will be living it up in a nice hotel eating room service while being serviced by my progasm. lol I know I said that I wouldn't ride with my dad again but we will be in the same room & we have both seen each other naked. We both got dicks, we both got progasm and we will be horny. So why not. This will be fun. Ok I'm done now. Got to get a nap in before my ride with Mr. Progasm tonight. Also my Helix is a little lonely so I might do Helix then upgrade to progasm tonight.

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