• Blog Premiere & Session @ New Place

    Hey! I want to make a blog, and so I am making one! Before I even knew about this blog function, I kind of blogged about my progress in here:
    If you really want to go back, I’d recommend peeking in that thread. Either way, here is a short introduction:
    So I’ve been doing stuff anally for quite some years, and somehow got a little addicted to it even though I never really had any sort of orgasm with it. I found out about the wonder of prostate massage, and so I bought the Helix Syn this past December. I saw a review when I bought that said: “I walk around with this thing in my ass, and I had to stop because I was about to come.” That sounded amazing to me, so I got it.
    I tried using the thing and it was underwhelming to say the least. First couple sessions I used it together with traditional, penile masturbation. I also tried putting it inside and going for a walk, of course, which was pointless. I had so much to learn. I never knew about this rewiring process.
    I pretty quickly started using the thing the way you’re supposed to: doing belly breathing, laying in a specific way, doing contractions, not touching your penis and what-not. But still, it was quickly very apparent to me that I was really bad at this. Any thread I checked, people had gotten dry or wet orgasms from this thing or other similar euphoric experiences, even though it was their first time trying it. I named this blog “The Incompetent One” because I really felt like I was alone in not getting the sensations everyone else were. All I could achieve was very minor tingling and once I did strong anal contraptions it all just went away.
    Somewhere around 2 months ago, I was able to still get the tingling sensations (or the “second heartbeat” as I like to call it) even though I did really strong contraptions. This is because I got better at building them up slowly.
    Fast-forward to now, and this is 4 months later. I haven’t been using the Helix for a while because I was busy moving from one apartment to another, and on top of that I also visited another country for a while. I did use it yesterday, finally, which is what gave me the motivation to start making this blog. My thread that I made, I kept telling my experiences so that those who also struggle can learn, or help.
    Some special mentions goes to rumel and k.p. Rumel gave me some really useful links, one being the Aneros Wiki (http://wiki.malegspot.com/index.php?title=Main_Page), and also gave me some really useful tips through-out. K.p. was the only one I felt that had a similar experience and also being the only one needing porn while using the Aneros.
    K.p. gave me an idea about skipping out on traditional masturbation after the sessions, as it seemed to work well for him. I know it’s a myth that not fapping afterwards will improve your rewiring, but I decided to try it anyway. I did this for only around 3-4 days, but I couldn’t do it.
    In my Aneros sessions I got so horny I could barely even lay still, and the Aneros simply wasn’t doing it for me. In the “Getting Started” portion of the Aneros WIKI it even says: “Likewise, when one is too aroused it can present a problem as well. It sounds like a contradiction, but being too aroused can lead to impatience, and impatience is a “deal breaker.” Why? Because it can cause you to ignore the subtle sensations that should be the focus of your attention.”
    I only tried that once, but I don’t think I’m gonna try it again in quite a while. Maybe never. Well, unless the Aneros sessions become so good that they leave me completely satisfied where I don’t even need traditional masturbation. But that is years off, for sure – lol.
    So let’s get to the main part: the session I had yesterday. It felt like improvement. This was after the trip I had, so I was in a great mood. Since I was so aroused, I decided to skip the ASMR I often use and only used visual stimulation. It started out like any regular session, focusing on breathing and building the contraptions up slowly but surely. I don’t really time my sessions and I quit when I feel like it which is why I entered 30-60min as the session length.
    I got to the point where I did super strong contraptions and were able to feel some sensations. I didn’t feel like I had gotten much pre-cum or the urge to piss from prostate contact.
    Then I randomly started tried something new, I pushed my rectal contraptions (the one where you push OUT) way stronger than my anal contraptions. In the WIKI it said that rectal contraptions involve more muscles so it can easily overpower the anal contraptions, so for that reason I never pushed that strongly before. This time, I did the strong anal contraptions like normal, but when I reached the peak I pushed the rectal ones very strong instead. When I breathed out and released the rectal contraptions, the heartbeat sensation became stronger than I ever felt before. I started moaning pretty heavily, and had a little problem laying still. It was definitely pleasureable.
    I ended the session kind of at that peak, and ended up pre-cumming a bit after all. There were a couple problems with it, my breathing was screwed up and I also kinda held my breath as I did the rectal contraptions. I was worried that I was going to get a headache from it.
    This session led me to believe a few things:
    1 — Because the heartbeat sensation was never this strong before, I should be close to some sort of breakthrough. Maybe P-waves? I still don’t know what they feel like.
    2 — During the peak of the stronger sensation, I couldn’t really focus on the porn images. This had led me to believe that perhaps the porn will be less of a necessity eventually? Think like this: If you get a blowjob, would you watch porn at the same time? No, you would lean back and enjoy the pleasure. Kind of like that.
    3 — When I started doing traditional penile masturbation afterwards, there was a couple times where I was really close to bursting and I clenched my PC muscles really hard. The first time I did this, I also did an anal contraption at the same time (since it’s so hard to not do them at the same time, at least for me), and when I let go I still felt it quivering in there. I think I understand now why people say you should take breaks after sessions, so your ass doesn’t get fatigued.
    4 — Finally, I can say that I enjoy the Aneros. Something I wrote a couple times in my thread in the forum, was that I don’t care if I can’t get an orgasm, I just want to be able to feel pleasure. I think I broke through that barrier.
    On the Milestones part of the Aneros WIKI, this is where I am: https://imgur.com/a/xUA6w
    Although I haven’t been able to locate my “sweet spot”, or feel any pleasure there, but I surpassed the 4 milestones after that.
    And in this image I am definitely still at Level 2. Maybe 2.5: https://i.redd.it/rj7uydgmp4601.png
    There is something that I find kind of contradicting about this whole thing. You will very often see “relaxation is key”. The more relaxed you are, the better it will get. But lying there and holding super strong contraptions until you’re about to faint aren’t very relaxing to me.
    I certainly look forward to next session (tomorrow!), and I hope it wasn’t just a fluke because I was so horny after the trip. Actually, the difference in pleasure didn’t come until I did the super strong rectal contraptions, so I don’t think so.
    If you have any tips for me, or any questions, or if you wanna tell your story, go ahead in the comments.
    Thanks for reading! /Sunusuku

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