• Blocked again?

    I had sex with my wife for the first time in months last night. My erection was instant and harder than I remember it ever being even when I was a teenager, and when I came it was stronger than previously, she even commented on how strong it felt.
    I haven't managed to have a prostate orgasm for a few days now. I have sort of lost interest a little bit in a good way )have to get on with normal life(, although I'm not sure how I feel really. It was so intense last week I'm almost pleased to feel a bit less addicted. I have tried to bring on an orgasm several times but not really succeeded.
    I'm really trying to analyse how to 'cross over' into an orgasm. I can get so close within moments of trying but actually turning it into an orgasm is proving elusive. Thinking back to when I had my first super-O I had not cum for 3 days, and had masturbated several times without climaxing, so there must have been some sexual tension there to start with. I was then so excited about what I had experienced that it just sort of carried on and I didn't even question my ability to go into a super-O for a few days and on the second day I even had an A-less orgasm within minutes of trying.
    Two nights of super-Os made me tired, then I couldn't make it work and I got over emotional about that and couldn't sleep, I was working long hours, and it's been hit and miss since and I haven't really caught up with sleep. I have had to lower my expections.

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