• Blissful Erotic Hypnosis Pushed To Next Level By Re-Wiring

    Hi folks, I’m just back from an hour long visit to “my secret garden“. And this time I was overwhelmed how transcendental this erotic hypnosis session has become since re-wiring seems to have been completed. After an hour of bliss I’m still feeling vibes of arousal spreading throughout my body, when only typing about that experience. Shibby’s seductive female voice again teasingly led me to the very center of my personal sexual wishes where I met my deepest desires materializing because “it’s where they live and where they are waiting only for me”. Whoever sometimes wanted to “find himself” should give this audio file a try, only be aware it’s nsfw!

    If you like to try some hypnosis but prefer a male voice Nimja’s files may find your interest, although they aren’t as easy to access as Shibby’s are. On his page you first have to choose some genres on the upper left or a certain play list on the upper right side, then click on the refresh button. Some of the files then listed below aren’t accessible without becoming a patreon (those files are marked orange and with a “P”). Nevertheless there are enough interesting files for free.

    May your vibes be with you and give you all the sexual bliss you deserve!

    Don’t think becoming flaccid now and then would mean you’re doing wrong, it’s only taking the next run to another hill of bliss. And as we learned with Aneros, ecstasy and bliss don’t need an erection, it may come and go as it likes, join in or leave and come back.

    Only reporting this just has given me a nice boner and aching balls in the middle of my second week of SR.


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