• Bliss Restrained

    I call this "Bliss Restrained" because despite my entire family being home I had a strong urge to hold a session late at night, so I had to hold back a little bit. I had refrained from traditional ejaculation for almost two weeks by this point, only indulging in dildo/aneros play, nipple play, and masturbation with no ejaculation. That being said I am in a constant state of hyperarousal: every sexual thought or erotic rub radiates pleasure from my prostate or other erogenous zones, erections come and go in high frequency and often linger for a while, my prostate constantly feels full and never lets me forget it. The session turned out to be significantly better than I could have hoped for, and unfortunately I was forced to restrain myself a little bit )wild movements and moans of pleasure( so as not to rouse attention. So this session took place last night, starting out with my Maximus and continuing/ending with the helix – running Hypnaerosession all the while. The reason I started out with the Maximus was because I had a decent session with it a couple of weeks ago and still try to maintain some sliver of hope for it. For 20-30 minutes it was actually pretty ok but the long time problem resurfaced once things started to get decent: since my perineum swells up from arousal and due to the "pointy/thin" nature of the tab, the tab swivels off-center and gets stuck to one side or the other, disrupting prostate/perineum contact and requiring constant adjustments )within seconds of each other(.
    Becoming frustrated with the Maximus I switched to the helix and began to relax. It felt sooooooo good as I felt it firmly rubbing my prostate. After a little bit I started to play with my nipples (they had the remainder of the vaseline I coated my helix in slicked over them which creates the perfect amount of smooth friction) and things started to get really intense. My lower abdomen began pulsing as I relaxed my entire body and let it do as it pleased. Just lying there pulsing, I felt the helix aggressively work my prostate. My body position shifted from on my back with the feet planted on the bed to my legs just hanging loose to the right side, the helix maintaining the proper position to perfectly pleasure me. I felt on the verge of cumming the entire time, as if at any moment I would explode and release the two-week accumulation. The majority of this time I continued to pleasure my nipples as it just added to the overwhelming feelings. I wanted to moan loudly, breathe harder, but I knew I had to remain as low key as I can. This lasted almost 10 minutes perhaps before I calmed down again, reveling in what I had just experienced and coaxing my prostate more with my contractions. 10-15 minutes later )after putting a newly acquired rubber cock-ring on( it happened again for a few minutes, just as intense as the first time. After it subsided I decided to end as any longer and I would have started to get hungry and I was beginning to get worried I might catch the attention of my family. If i was alone I would have very much wanted to continue for another hour or longer with no holding back- it was quite the experience.

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