• Bigger and better

    Lube: Vaseline only.
    I prepared by douching to remove the solids from the rectum, then used my finger to spread Vaseline up as far as I could reach. The Vaseline was cool and clung to the Progasm in little lumps. I prepared the bed, inserted, lied down and relaxed.
    I'd not used the Progasm since mid December, partly because I'd not been getting much from it, and partly because I've been away from home over the Christmas/New Year period. I'd been having some success with my Helix the last few weeks, so resolved only to use the Helix this month to consolidate my experiences. Well, I broke that resolution. And I'm glad I did.
    Another thing I'd picked up in the last few weeks was to minimize the involuntary muscle movements as much as possible – leg shaking, abdominal cramps, anal clenching – and to relax even more if they started. This had been working well in my sessions with Helix and also in my Anerosless sessions, with a feeling of building up the "energy".
    So, I'm lying perfectly still on my back, relaxing deeply and just doing belly breathing, and I feel the building of a "calm seas" sensation. This is the first time that I'd got this far with the Progasm, and I was enjoying the feeling. There were pulses of tingling in the prostate area, building slowly and then spreading out and fading. This continued for a number of cycles, then a last one built and "popped". The "calm seas" feeling continued after this, and gradually faded.
    Now, previous experience had taught me that sessions sometimes have false ends and that I should wait and see whether anything more would develop. It did.
    There was a slow build in arousal back to the same level of "calm seas", but with it I started to get a series of p-wave shivers. I gently directed the shivers around my body, enjoying the feelings. This continued for a few minutes, until suddenly there was a much larger shiver which grew and blossomed into a very much deeper level of "calm seas" experience.
    I [I]think[/I] my muscles were slightly quivering, but I'm not sure. I remember feeling an all over warm tingling, and a feeling like I was made of cotton wool. There was some movement happening in my groin area, but I couldn't tell what was moving or how much, and none of it seemed to matter.
    I've no idea how long I was in this state, nor did I care about the time. There were no vision disturbances that I noticed, even though I've experienced some mild imagery in past sessions.
    Eventually it faded enough for me to consider getting up and organising an evening meal.

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      01/31/2012at7:20 am

      Sounds awesome! Congrats!

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