• Beyond Expectations

    I hadn't been blogging about recent events. Things had progressed real well in the past week. I had my first experience with Super O's only 8 days into my journey. One probably lasted 3 minutes. I was overcome with pleasure and whimpering "Oh my god" over and over. It wasn't quite like what I had in mind. It's easy to say you'll put expectations aside, but it's hard to actually prevent any kind of images in that will form an idea of what will happen. There wasn't a sudden transition like with a traditional orgasm. The ebb and flow of sensation in my pelvis grew over time. It was almost imperceptible the way it grew and took over in the end. In retrospect it really had a lot to do with relaxing, exploring and letting go when my body got to a state that things could start to cascade.
    Anyway, as for this evening I had my first session since my breakthrough Super O session on Sunday. My anus has been more sensitive lately. That has been a surprise. At times I've felt P-waves and then tingling from my anus.
    I had hopes of having more Super O's, but I was able to continue focus on being relaxed and not trying to do too much. A couple times when the P-waves would start to ramp up I'd take a step back in my mind and take in what I was feeling without actively urging it on with nipple stimulation or any added anal/PC contractions. Things still progressed faster than in any session before. The P-waves were more "gritty", more tangible than in previous sessions.
    About an hour in I had already had a couple strong dry O's, maybe bordering on my Super O experiences two days earlier. I find that I need to readjust the p-tab occasional to keep it in place. At this point an hour in I made an adjustment and it hit the spot unlike what I had felt before. A wave surged from my perineum through my prostate and through my penis. That was pretty solid evidence that the p-tab is in the right spot when it's centered. That surge sparked the beginnings of my strongest, longest Super O to date. I felt more sensation that normal in my upper pelvis area. I tried to keep the muscles around there flexed while I kept the rest of my body relaxed. It wasn't going to stay relaxed for long, though.
    I hit upon this visualization when I'm close to a dry O. I keep my eyes closed and the room is very dark anyway, but I act as if I'm looking out into the distance as if the ceiling isn't there and I had something to look at if my eyes were open. It seems to drop the last obstacle to keeping me trying to control the situation. I get a little detached and the body can go where it wants.
    I started to have a Super O. I was vocalizing a lot, whimpering having been caught up in gradual wash of pleasure. I had some involuntary jerking of my pelvis and legs and times, but it didn't stop there this time. The wave kept going long enough. I played around a little with what little I could control what was happening. I let it back off a couple times to take in what I was feeling. Then I sort of concentrated on not letting involuntary movement take hold quite yet. Things grew and when I finally let loose one thing led to another. After my legs and pelvis were in involuntary contractions for a while that wasn't enough. I started to writhe and roll about the bed as my body looked for any and all outlets to express this new found pleasure. Every pelvic thrust was heavenly. There wasn't any backing down for a while.
    The particulars don't seem all that important after this point in the session. I had found a new peak on the trail and now I'm just in awe and taking it in.
    I don't know what I did to be able to have so much success in such a short amount of time. I think I have a good outlook on things. I feel more in tune with myself and my sessions are some of the most relaxing times of my week )when I'm not flailing around involuntarily and all(. When I finally took the MGX out at the end of the session it was the easiest it had ever come out. I think I was just that relaxed after the dust had settled.

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