• Best-Laid Plans / Got to be Flexible

    In my first post I said that I would not ejaculate for at least 3 weeks. Ha! That brilliant plan was nixed on Day 9 by blue balls.
    I had an intensely pleasurable session last night with even more and stronger p-waves than my Friday session. The pleasure would grow and then subside, over and over. After a couple of hours, I was really tired and starting to doze off, so I removed the Helix Syn and was about to go to bed when I was struck by a dull aching sensation. I know what blue balls feels like even though it has been years since I last experienced it. So, I relubed and reinserted the Helix and proceeded to relieve the symptoms. The orgasm was doubly intense because of 9 days of abstinence and also the relief of the blue balls feeling. The drawback is that my arousal level is now reset. The truth is it had built up to a point where it was starting to annoy me. I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday doing fidgety nervous activities like shaking a leg or tapping a pencil against the desk, which is very unlike me normally. And I attribute this nervous energy to a protracted period of being at a high level of arousal.
    So, I am at peace with ending my period of abstinence from ejaculating. I am no longer fidgety and can focus better. I have weekend travel plans but I should be back early enough Sunday to be able to relax and have a Helix session. Each of my last 3 sessions have been progressively better and more pleasurable, so I am optimistic about future sessions. Onward and upward
    Peace and pleasure,

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