• Best Feeling Ever

    So i wrote a blog a few weeks back about clothes and how things are my new obsession and how they help when i ride my beautiful toys. So right now I am riding my progasm ice with a new black thong on and it is making me feel so damn good. The string is forcing the progasm to go deeper inside my cunt and is bringing me so much pleasure. As I type I am reaching a mini o orgasm an i'm shaking and moaning so softly as each kegel thrust keeps the orgasm going. Oh i love this feeling. To have total contact with my prostate is the best feeling ever. I can fee it building up to a super right now and my soft dick is soaking my front thong with that clear love juice that flows effortlessly. ok I'm going to go enjoy more of this safe rides everyone and get your self a thong an see the different things it can do for you.

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      06/08/2014at5:31 am

      I know the feeling! I wear panties all the time and bras sometimes when I can. They help a lot with the feelings

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