• Being rewired

    I have been in this prostate journey for some years now an it’s crazy that my body still finds ways to sexually surprise me. I like to make far in-between journey entrys to really show I’m being authentic. So I have a few toys but it has come to my attention that my A-less sessions be the most exciting as of late. Just now I’m laying here righting this spent an still gasping for air. I decided to read a few erotic novels. It’s a great passtime of mine. The nastiest the better. So it’s it’s chilly here in the Midwest and I’m just in bed reading a nice hot an heavy story about a boy an his older lover having a epic sex battle. As I’m reading I feel a churning in my stomach an then my legs begin to shake. As I continue to read my dick just gets rock fucking hard. These stories always get me hot but has never kicked off a aneros session before. As I continue reading it’s getting harder an harder in my pants. I’m beginning to gasp for air cause this page I’m reading is getting so intense. I begin to leak precum as my body starts to shake uncontrolling. Trying to keep it together by calming my breathing as I’m mmo’ing back to back. I’m reading an churning and shaking an boom. As soon as the young reached his orgasm with his lover I began to stream globs of hot cum out if my now erect stiff penis. I couldn’t do anything but just let it happen. Oh it felt so damn good. I love having hfwo. Once you tap that prostate he continues to work even when you least expect it. I have been having after shocks the whole writing this. I am still so happy I found this site an learned about prostate play.


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      11/13/2017at3:04 pm

      @BigOluver, your story sounds exciting and so is the one you are reading! Is it online?
      Achieving HFWO is difficult or impossible for most so good for you! Enjoy.
      Life truly is wonderful!

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      11/14/2017at3:11 am

      @ggringo I have plenty of readings where I mentioned me experiencing a hfwo but not a in-depth guide to achieve it which is what I think your looking for. It takes time.

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      11/19/2017at9:07 pm

      “So I have a few toys but it has come to my attention that my A-less sessions be the most exciting as of late.”
      Affirmative! Thanks for your vivid report. I, too, like erotic novels and would be interested in that epic sex battle you lately read about. Some years ago I myself wrote some stories and found a couple of sites hosting more. If you like we can exchange pm’s about some links.
      Even viewing porn has changed for me, because it now leads to Aless as well. I now most often can fully empathize with one of the characters and share his bliss. It’s so exciting.
      Let’s enjoy ourselves!

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