• Beginnings

    I had thought about getting one of these devices for years after reading about them and eventually took the plunge. My first session was disappointing, I expected too much too fast, the second was similar and I put it aside for a week having achieved nothing more than a slightly interesting feeling.
    My breakthrough came when I went to stay in a hotel overnight and took it with me. I thought I had plenty of time, nothing else to do, and would give it one more go without expecting anything magic. I inserted the device, lay down on my back, and relaxed. The feeling came quite quick and I thought 'this is interesting' and went with it being careful to control my breathing and concentrating on the pleasure, fairly quickly I started shaking and could feel something building. I was determined to allow it to build and kept concentrating and then it happened! I can't even remember exactly how it felt the first time but I remember feeling out of control and trying to catch my breath and thrashing about wildly and feeling my hands go numb, and being totally amazed that I could actually do it.
    The first orgasm must have lasted 20 minutes, I noticed that I had leaked a big pool of clear fluid from my penis. I thought time for bed removed it, cleaned up and lay down. Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to do it again, and re-inserted. The orgasm grew fast this time and before I knew it I was there again and had another 20 minutes of ectasy this time I remember feeling waves of pleasure riding up my chest and trying to control it a bit more, clenching my anal muscles to move the aneros around and press on my prostate and heighten the pleasure, using breathing to control the orgasm. I think I could have gone on forever, this lasted about 30 minutes and I thought I really ought to get some sleep now and let it fade.
    It was about 2am by now I tried to get to sleep but couldn't and thought why not do it once more? Again I managed to get straight into another orgasm, this time it was even more intense my whole pelvis feeling like a tingling block of pure pleasure waves of orgasm going in and out of my chest.
    I must have had an hour and a half of orgasm that night.

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