• been a bit

    Been a bit since last entry.

    So a few weeks ago I had a strange session where I got super bad heart burn, long of the short is ended up ‘pushing the energy down’ (see post “first time for everything”) once I did that the heart burn went away like it didn’t exist but along with it any sensations in every session after. So I put things away for a bit and went back old school. Without getting into great details I started to feel intermittent unasked for sensations again, beginnings to a-less orgasm starting to ignite. It was like my prostate was asking “what about me? HELLO! I thought we were friends, where’d you go?” I gave it a few more days to make sure it wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, and each day I had the slow quiet ignition. That weekend I joined w/ JR while in the shower. I also happened to do something I don’t normally do, I slowly edged feeling JR rubbing and tickling, staying fully relaxed, enjoying all he offered me. I just let this go and started to ooze cum, felt so relaxing. JR was taking care of me so gently, working over my prostate so slowly, I literally got a hand full of cum (I don’t know why I caught it but I did) and I had ejaculated 2 days before and got next to nothing. I finished my shower but instead of dismounting I decided to stay joined w/ JR (I have masturbated when joined w/ Miss MGX on purpose 2 times before but always dismounted after). He gave me several lovely orgasms during that session, that’s all I can say, I should have wrote it down.

    Had another session mid week, I don’t remember much of that one, other than it felt good. Another one I should have wrote down, oh well.

    Last night 2/16 was extra good. It was also the first time “I” ended a night session in quite some time instead of going to sleep exhausted (more like passing out actually) mid session not knowing when it ended. My session started the same as always. Shower, prep, join, sit for a bit on couch or at computer than go to bed.
    I normally start on my left side, knees drawn up and feet interlocked than ‘do nothing and letting my guts fall out’ (read that in a post somewhere and it just clicked, don’t remember who’s post it was though). I slow my breathing making each inhale expand my belly fully and exhale making my belly sink in. With each breath I start to relax and sink into the bed. As I relax my body I also release any tension in my anal/pc muscles as well, no trying to hold things in, let it all go. One would think the tool would just slowly slide out but somehow it stays locked in, I think this is where the ‘let my guts fall out’ came from. At this point I let my mind wander where it will. I finally get to a point where I start to feel the pleasure tool I’m joined with moving in/out with each breath as my organs try to push out my bottom and get pulled back in by the muscles. I could feel the tingling starting to build as my prostate slowly swells rubbing harder against the tool. Little quick sharp points of pleasure zapping my anal ring, the feeling of my pulse in my rectal canal and anal ring, than the feeling of my body starting to buzz forth in a surge. The feelings building and spreading down my legs, up my torso out to my fingers. My head getting light and buzzy, the same feeling as drinking alcohol and feeling fine but not drunk. This wonderful feeling changed. My entire body started to pulse and buzz with each beat of my heart and the intensity kept climbing, my stomach getting tighter but pulsing in waves. I felt as if my body started to move up/ down on the bed like I was pushing against the foot board with my toes in rhythm with the sensations, I could feel my cock begin to swell and pulse as well, slapping my body with each beat of my heart. I have experienced this pulsing before but not to the level of intensity of tonight, I almost felt like I was ejaculating every time my cock surged. What a sublime feeling. My breathing to this point was slow and steady. So what is a person hanging in orgasmic bliss to do? I decided to try something new. I started to in/exhale with each pulse of my body almost to the point of hyperventilating than going back to slow and steady. Every time I did this the intensity of the pulsing grew stronger, there seemed to be no stopping the climb. After about 30 minutes (caught a glimpse of the clock) I felt my prostate deflate and the sensations slowed and faded away. I stayed in position and tried to absorb what I just experienced, not trying to label it but to wrap my head around the level of intensity. I have mentioned in comparison about the feeling of post orgasm torture level before, this was well above that but I didn’t want this to stop as my body felt fully connected when everything was pulsing in unison, like all the cells in my body were firing at the same time.

    I rolled over to my right side and started to do some kegel contractions for something new. This fired off my prostate to swell again. I had not experienced this before, each contraction raised the intensity of sensations. After about 50 I decided to slowly contract to see what would happen. I hit a point where involuntary started. Each time a contraction/release would happen JR would lurch up my prostate than back down, I got a new surge of sensations. I don’t know how to describe them as I have never experienced this before, other than damn this feels so good, just don’t stop. Ultimately it did come to an end as I lost the amount of contraction needed to keep this going.
    I decided to get on my back and continue kegels. Like before, each contraction set off a pop of sensations. Difference this time the sensations wouldn’t go on it’s own so I reached down and grabbed my frenulum between the ring and middle fingers at the first knuckle than started to move up/down the shaft ever so slightly. Immediately my prostate started to spasm and tingle. I had to be careful as I could feel the possibility of explosion to be so close. I was hoping for a dry orgasm like I had once before but when that happened I was flaccid, tonight I was hard and didn’t want to chance a wet one no matter how exquisite it felt so I decided to end the session but stay joined w/JR.
    For some reason I have been finding comfort staying joined for longer amounts of time and experiencing/savoring the subtle tingling/tickling without a full blown orgasm, dare I say it, like an infant sucking on a pacifier. I am finding it a pleasant & peaceful sensation the more I do it, waking with my lover in deep embrace. The feeling of connection. If you have ever had a long night of sex with your lover and he/she fell asleep still joined and you woke later on finding you were still in deep embrace this is what I’m talking about.

    Woke at 7:00 Saturday with the alarm. Normally I roll over and slap the clock to shut it off annoyed at being woke up than roll over to go back to sleep but today I slid the switch to turn off the alarm and started doing kegels with my lover deep within me even though I actually felt satisfied waking for the first time in a long time. From the first contraction I felt my prostate swell and the tingle start. I never got to a self sustaining level but let the current sensations and feelings from the night before wash over me. I reluctantly dismounted around 9 as I had so much to get done and didn’t think it fair to myself as I would not be able to put forth the mental time to enjoy the joining. I did put on my cock ring though.
    I spent the day experiencing and reveling in the after effects. I could feel a strange tingling in the base of my cock. I can only describe it as keeping your finger on the main vein on the top and squeezing the head, the sensation of the blood being forced out. All day it was there, every time I stopped for a minute and my mind would drift I could feel it. The a-less sensations, the feel of an orgasm wanting to ignite and a few times it did burst forth to envelope my body but I was unable to sustain it.

    I didn’t have a session Saturday night as I was dead dog tired.

    Sunday 2/17 I remembered a post started by @BigGlansDC on standing when joined with a pleasure tool. To this point I have never experienced an autofuck but have spent ample time walking around joined with JR, Miss Helix and a few w/ Miss MGX.
    So since I didn’t have a session last night I decided to a joining w/ JR for a day tryst. While out in the garage looking out the windows at the ice/snow that slid off the metal roof that I now have to move before the next storm I felt my belly start to flutter signaling the start of an orgasm welling up and a warm wave washed over me. My stomach started to quiver and without warning JR started to thrust in/out in rapid succession. This guy just started to fuck me hard and fast. I couldn’t respond, not that I would want to stop it, I just stood there and let my body have it’s way, freely presenting my conscious mind with this pleasure I have not experienced before. Since the first time to present day or at least the last time I had sex with another person I was always the one doing the fucking/thrusting, this time I only had to feel and receive the pleasure of getting fucked/thrust into. What a rush of pleasure, being present but also able to let go and be taken.
    I went out to the store to do my normal shopping w/ JR. Every step was sweet, sweet agony. He was rubbing and tickling so much that each time I stopped walking I was getting autofucked. My legs were getting weak from trying to keep from screaming in pleasure. I so badly wanted to fall to the floor and let my body take control of JR and just fuck me silly till I couldn’t take any more. I wonder if this is what it feels like for a woman that has one if those remote control vibrators but not the controller :>)

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