• Bating and edging session Sunday afternoon, August 14

    Once again I got up before sunrise and I bathed, shaved, and dressed for the day. A high of 94 is forecast for today. It may go higher than that. Got my breakfast food at the neighborhood 7-Eleven and returned here at 7:30 a.m. There is a Bermuda High settled over the eastern third of the USA. Skies are a bright blue and there is direct sunshine. Already it 90 degrees plus in the ten o’clock hour as I type this.
    Most Sundays I worship at church four miles away, but not today since I am staying home in the air conditioned comfort of my apartment. Once again, I have donned a BIKE no. 10 jock underneath cargo shorts and an Under Armour T-shirt. The jockstrap cradles my genitals, perfect for Kegeling in. 🙂 I feel youthful and athletic as I psych myself up for a bating and edging session this afternoon.
    Bate and edging session at 12:15 p.m. Stripped down buck naked wearing the BIKE no. 10 engaging in foreplay, caressing my jock pouch, especially my knobby glans, all the while savoring my Kegels! I went all the way and then some in my bating and edging session during which I Kegeled quite a few times while riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Finally at 1:15 p.m., I came in a very sweet orgasm and ejaculated a cream load of cum.
    3:50 p.m. Reflection. It was very gratifying to engage in masturbation that had been a mainstay in my life from my twenties to my fifties. But I think I did it in a much more intentional way now. My Aneros sessions and then my interaction with buds on the Aneros Forum and Blog such as @GGringo and @goldenboy have caused me to relearn masturbation and what my penis deserves in new ways.
    There was a tightness in my prostate, perineum, and root of my penis which lasted some minutes following my orgasm and ejaculation of semen. However, my Aless continues as before though released of the edginess of unrequited masturbation (going all the way).
    Also males from their early years, certainly in their pubescent and adolescent years [years of exciting discovery of the sexual impulse/force (that was my experience for sure)] all the way into their elderly years can learn so much of their bodies and the genital capacities through regular masturbation practice. Medical doctors have discovered recently that masturbation is an essential activity for maintaining good prostate health and even one’s greater physical and emotional well being.
    Most males use sexual fantasies as bate fuel. Masturbation is a perfect activity for rehearsal not only for the masturbator himself but significant others whom he loves.
    I hope to reincorporate masturbation as part of my daily routine or at least several times a week.

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      08/14/2016at11:26 pm

      @bigglansdc, I’m honored to be considered as a buddy and the feeling is mutual. I also enjoy conversing with you and @goldenboy. You guys are and have been an inspiration to me in my incredible journey.
      After spending my career surrounded by the newest technology in communication and electronics, I gave it all up when I left my job. The only bit of social media interaction I participate in is the Aneros forum & I don’t need anything else. It’s been great for me to learn from the expertise from both of you. Growing up from a wet belly-button Newbie to what I know and experience today is thanks mostly to you guys.
      I can’t share any of my journey’s details with my wife but I can share some of my innermost feelings with you two!
      Thank you.

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