• Bating and edging preludes ; Awesome Saturday session ; Amazing Aless following!

    Hi guys,
    I arose just before 6 this morning, Saturday July 19 and have been bating and edging for nearly 2.5 hours! Wow, I guess I am turning into a horny goat! Also during this period of time, I have been during “innumerable” sets of Kegels of various strengths and durations. What I discovered for sure is that the musculature “down there” is certainly elastic! I have to go out in a few minutes to run a couple errands, but hope to continue bating and edging at times later today and I have a session to round out the week! (composed at 8:30 a.m.).
    11:03 a.m. Returned from my errands around 10 o’clock, stripped naked, and started bating and edging since then off and on, among other things, like shaving my nuts! 🙂
    12:41 p.m. I spent about thirty plus minutes composing an e-mail of helpful information on the Anerosing to an Aneros newbie. Now I am Kegeling in a trusty BIKE no. 10 jock and caressing my erogenous zones in my cargo shorts and UA T-shirt! I savored the Kegels and my caresses all the same during this chat nonetheless. It was just part of my extended foreplay.
    3:30 p.m. Aless sweetness revved up many fold after today’s Aneros session which began at 2 p.m. For an hour or so, I chatted with some guys in Aneros chat, especially a hot Texas who uses Helix Classic and Progasm Classic.
    For this afternoon’s session, I used in order the following models: Helix Classic, Tempo, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. I used mostly the do-nothing approach and just let Helix Classic do his own thing which was reflected in tug-of-war strokes which were exciting. I spent quality time with this model. On the spur of the moment, I added Maximus to the lineup too hoping to use the do-nothing approach on him too! But before doing that, I went on Tempo. I am amazed that Tempo’s heavy heft always magnifies Anerosing with me, in his rhythmic strokes coupled by my breathing and with the Kegels. So it was today!
    I would like to think that Maximus performed in a mediocre fashion this afternoon. Somehow I didn’t feel his penetration prowess as in other sessions. So I was determined to enjoy Maximus all the same. However, Maximus introduced me to Progasm ICE which I appreciated in newer ways today. I hope to Progasm ICE more frequently in future sessions.
    Wow, the Aless this session produced! It is so heavy duty which demands that I worked with it and savor it for the rest of the day!
    4:00-5:00 p.m. Amazing chats with some great guys on Aneros chat!
    Very early Sunday morning July 21: I had to check the Weather Channel on some heavy, powerful thunderstorms due to arrive later today. Right now that would be in the noon hour which means a hasty departure from an early church service, and also a delay of several hours of this blog entry post. Anyway I had such intense Aless late Saturday afternoon that I had to go to bed to sleep on it. I will pay attention to my body in the coming hours today and take careful note of my Aless. It is has a rather pungent, powerful, yet intensely sweet Alessness, perhaps a reflection of Aneros being on mind lately.
    Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. The thunderstorms finally rolled through about an hour ago. They will break the heatwave of the last ten days or so. Temps and humidity will lower overnight. We have refreshing weather finally on tap for the next few days.
    It is well that I went to Sunday services at church today because that experience grounded me in reality and brought me back to earth. Aless is not as intense today as it was post session late yesterday afternoon. It is always wonderful to feel Aless which I can amplify with Kegels, gentle breathing, caressing my body especially my nipples and hairy chest and abs, or even just thinking about it. A few minutes ago, I wrote @GGringo that I began experiencing P-waves three weeks after beginning my sessions. A few weeks later, I had my first chairgasm. Soon after when I began using Maximus, I began experiencing walkinggasms and bedgasms. When I added Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE to my sessions, Aless became a permanent fixture of my Aneros experience. And just after I got Tempo right after Thanksgiving 2013, that model boosted my sessions into a much higher orbit. Also for many months, whenever I listen to a particularly beautiful piece of music, I experience musicgasms which are so sweet and sublime.
    I am looking forward to Monday morning’s session tomorrow, a great way to start the week. Take care!

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      08/21/2016at11:37 pm

      @BigGlansDC, very inspiring blog as usual! Thank you for sharing. I’m anxious to start my Aneros session tonight and after being away since last Saturday. I had planned to pull out the Helix Syn but since I logged on this site earlier this afternoon (logged on and off), the words Progasm Ice surfaced several times and now I think my PI will have the honor to caress my prostate once my wife goes to bed. Have a good night!

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