• Background and before the Aneros

    I'm excited to be here and have already had some promising progress, but in the interest of completeness, I'm including some background info in case others may relate or find it otherwise useful.
    I've never really had hangups about sticking things in my ass. Even as a teenager, my search for trying anything sexual that I could had me sticking things up there in the hopes that it would feel good. I remember actually buying a dildo and just shoving it on up there. I didn't really know what the hell I was doing, I remember it feeling vaguely good, but in my cluelessness, I just kind of jammed it in and out and wondered why it didn't feel better. Even still, I do remember getting hard when that dildo was up my butt, but never really experiencing much pleasure. After brief periods of that exploration, I just kind of moved on to other things.
    20+ Years later, I find myself browsing porn videos online and clicking through to videos of men enjoying "no-touch" orgasms and I was intrigued. I started googling things like prostate milking and thinking "Damn, why not give it a go?" And there I was, looking at a date with a condom wrapped drumstick, trying to just see if I could just tell where my prostate was.
    I feel quite silly with my earlier experiences now that I have actually gone through the trouble of reading more of the forums and educating myself on the nature of prostate pleasure, but I imagine I'm not alone there. Anyways, I jammed that sucker in and just started working it all over the place hoping to I guess just bump it and "know." 20 years and I hadn't learned a thing. Needless to say, it wasn't that pleasurable, but thankfully it also wasn't painful or bad either. It was just disappointing.
    I actually found my way to Aneros by googling things like "best toy for prostate stimulation" and seeing it being mentioned all over the place. So a few quick calls and a trip to a local toy store and there I was, the proud owner of a Helix Syn. My first session wasn't even really a session, because I hadn't read anything and brought all of my false notions of how this was going to work to the table. SO I jammed it in there and worked it about, having pretty much the same experience as the drumstick.
    Dejected, I tossed the toy back in the box, and chucked it under the bathroom sink, where it sat for months. Thankfully, I found this forum and read a few posts before realizing that my approach was all wrong. After a lot more reading, I tried my first real session, approaching it more educated and with a better idea of what I was after.
    That will be where I start with my next post!


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      07/25/2016at2:20 am

      I just ordered my first Aneros and and am awaiting its arrival with anticipation. As I can relate with your earlier experiences I hope you find the time to continue blogging your experiences here.

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      10/18/2016at8:26 am

      Looking forward to your next post.

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