• Back With a Vengeance

    Hello all. I know, I know. I bet your seeing this like where the hell have you been. In advance I'm sorry for the disappearing acts. But with work and not getting much down time I haven't been able to get that alone time to ride or come to the site. But I have been stealing moments away to get a quick session in. Like the one I'm gonna tell right now. So get your towels ready and get the stirring in your pants un control.
    So last week the parents treated them selves to a dinner date which gave me a window opportunity to get a god session in. I got cleaned up quick and lubed up and got my toy of choice. I picked the Eupho cause I'm still getting to know it better. Instead of doing the normal position (laying on my back) I decided to get in the doggy style position. I had two towels under me and I was ready to get started. I got on all fours and lubed up my ty and then my hole. I actually have been using a new type of lube. I have come across pure 100% coconut oil. It comes in its raw bock form but it melts quick. So I took a small chuck out and slide it up my butt. I then stuck the toy in and it went in so smoothly. (i found out buying raw forms of oil works for you in the long run cause it keeps it moist down there as the session progresses)
    So as I'm breathing deeply and calmly in and out I begin to feel the toy move on its own. I now can't control my kegel muscles and hole at times. It will just start twitching all on ts own ready for a good time and this was just like one of those times. As my hole is contracting in and out my the eupho hitting my sweet spot I begin to drip pre cum. It had only been a few minutes and I'm already having repeatedly mini o convulsions running through my body. My legs were shaking and my dick was bounce leaving trails of pre cum all over the towel under me. Then the moans began to escape my mouth. I was in full swing of things orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Me bucking back on the toy like a big strong man was forcefully giving me the best dick down I have ever had. Then it happened. My voice had hit the highest note I have ever released in a session and with the motion and my swaying back and forth and with the eupho hitting my prostate so strong but also so softly I shot the strongest stream of cum all over the towels.
    I mean it felt like I hadn't cum in months. It was so strong and power I just collapsed right afterwards swimming in my own juices with a smile on my face. It was amazing but then another big o was cumming so i just laid there and let the toy do its job on me. I'm tooting my butt in the air and its going in deeper and its making me moan. Im practically screaming at the top of my lungs thanking the aneros havens for yet another great orgasm I was about to receive. I kegel real hard and boom. I shot off my second load. But it was different. I guess with my ass in the air and my face burred in a pillow I shot some cum but it was mixed with a stream of pee. So I'm cumming an peeing all over the place.
    I didn't even care I had just had two HFWO and I knew i could clean up the mess later. I have got to not et time get away from me any more. Any window I get I'm taking it. I didn't even need to touch my dick afterwards. I went to sleep so peaceful and complete that night. So I hope you all enjoyed I know I did I got the wet spot in my jockstrap right now to prove it. lol Until next time.

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      04/12/2015at11:50 pm

      Hi BigOluver,
      It was so good to see you in chat earlier tonight. While you have to work so hard and also live at your parents' house, I am so glad that your ANeros models worked so well for you! Hey, I also like to wear jockstraps too, especially those with cups!

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