• Back to back Dry Os

    Last nights session was really good!
    New sensations.
    I listened to Llewellyn – Reiki Gold massage / meditation while having my session.
    This is for relaxation and it worked.
    I felt like I was floating at one point and then the dry O zone came.
    I managed to have multiple back to back dry Os
    I only started counting part way through but from when I started counting I had 7 sets of 10 back to back dry Os.
    The ones before I started where smaller sets but got longer as I went.
    When I relaxed after the dry ejaculation feeling a second or two after I would start another dry O ejaculation feeling.
    Very exhausting although I was not putting in any effort it was just happening.
    I think the exhaustion came from the dry ejaculation its self because I feel like I am going to pop as it happens.
    Got so tired I finished with a super T and removed it and went to sleep.

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