• Back to back dry Os and then beyond!

    This morning I got to dry Os back to back again but had only two or three in a row and then something much bigger.
    Just before the end of the build up of orgasm my whole body tensed up real tight. I felt like I was going to pop big time! and then I had a almighty dry ejaculation feeling.
    I have had this once before but not as powerful.
    My poor dick was swollen purple and the force of the ejaculation feeling made my dick eye hurt.
    I felt a release and then the aneros slowed down a bit but it felt like it was swimming in soup.
    It was a murky dowwie type feeling almost like the aneros was melting into me.
    Really weird feeling but great.
    After about 3 minutes it started to move faster again but it only lead to just below dry O feelings so I called it a day.
    I dont know if you call it a super O, although it was way more powerful than my normal dry Os.
    Everyone has different ideas on what a super O feels like so I never really get a answer if I ask what it is like. I have not experienced the body thrashing around yet at all but then again some people dont get that either.
    Maybe there is no more and because people can't tell you what it feels like others are just drawing their own conclusions of what a super O is and putting 1+1 together and coming up with 3?
    I am sure the sensations will increase in magnitude so maybe the result just makes it super.
    who knows.
    Can anyone identify my huge orgasm feeling? I would love to hear about it.
    I have also felt something that I have never felt before whilst anerosing.
    I have always wanted more. Not wanted to stop.
    This time I wanted to stop the session, I only continued to see it the large orgasm would happen again. I have not wanted to have a session for almost 1.5 days now. but the anerosless action kicks in every now and then and says bring it on.
    Upset stomach tonight 12/12/12 so I will leave it another night.

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