• Back to Aneros!

    * Finally a session!
    * It wasn't much.
    * Ass rejecting the Progasm.
    * Lingering arousal )Damnit…(
    * Actually feels like I need to pee when touching the prostate now.
    One month has fully passed! The goose was cooked, and it was time to see how a session would fair — but only until my body and mind had a wanting for one. Today felt like such a time, possibly due to a near wet-dream last night.
    And I’d also try having a session during the day! It’d seem the most appropriate — I’m wide awake and it’s just me in the house. Perfecto.
    So in goes the Progasm! And…the session wasn’t that great. It certainly wasn’t dud material, as some sensations swelled outside of my control, but it wasn’t the surprise smack that my previous session gave either. What gives?
    For one, the Progasm was not staying put. This model kept trying to slide its way out, like my ass was pushing it out of bed. I’ve heard some customers have this issue, but I’d never thought it’d occur just like that. Usually the ass pushes when clamping down on orgasms, but even then, devices often stay put. So that got in the way of letting the Aneros do what it should.
    Secondly, ass pains aside, my mind just didn’t quite sink into the experience. It really felt like a trip back to 2012 when I’d sulk that nothing happens, even when doing nothing. Even some erotic material didn’t spur much, along with nipple touching. Maybe that’s a lie – some positions got the device going, but not for long. Despite that, I did precum a bit more than usual. Month build up and all.
    After 30 mins, I ended the session and pulled the device out. It had ALREADY escaped halfway. I pondered on why the session wasn’t so great, with two schools of thought: The Progasm didn’t settle in like usual, and might of been too strong for now. Or, my mind wasn’t really in the mood after all, and maybe requires a few more sessions to sink in – perhaps a few more days of break for my brain to decide, even.
    Interestingly I wasn’t too fussed by all this, which is unusual. It wasn’t a great session? “Whatever, I’m happy.” And that’s nice. I realised that there’s something of a trade-off with great orgasms — the mind has to be focused on sensing greater feelings, which would seem free of implications, but in concentrating on where great orgasms start, one then gets anchored into a world of orgies. It can easily drop into an addiction like it has before the month hiatus with me. There’s a fine line in the balance of happiness with life, and happiness with orgasms. After all, straight-up masturbation can be done quickly and forgotten about; multiple-orgasms and Aneros require meditative thinking, which unfortunately can linger into other relaxing states. )At least that’s the case with me.(
    Perhaps having broken away from orgasms and arousal for a month has cleaned the slate more than I bargained for, and Aneros sessions may take a bit of time to simmer back into. But I hope in doing so, I don’t allow arousal to control me and my state of content again.
    The aim: good times that don't linger in my head…!

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