• Back on track

    I had promised myself that I was taking a rest for a day yesterday, but I'm not very strong willed and thought that I would just have a quick try last night, A-less as usual. I'm very glad that I did. it wasn't the fastest onset ever but considering how tired I was and how upset I had got over this whole thing yesterday, I was amazed tat anything happened at all.
    The super-O built up nicely and I had a few nice orgasmic waves, each one getting stronger and more intense. It was going well, but I was expecting my wife to come to bed at any second and was slightly distracted for that reason. Then I made a beginners mistake. I squeezed my PC muscle really hard, trying to wring a bit more out of one wave of contractions, but I held it far too long and when I released it had all gone and it was over – I like the child's swing analogy someone has made – you need to keep giving the orgasm a little push every now and then to keep the swing going, I just gave a long push and stopped it swinging.
    Had a reasonable night's sleep last night for the first time in a while.
    Next thing is to tell my wife. I have decided I need to.

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