• Back In The Saddle

    Got a pretty decent session in this morning. I’ve pretty much determined that only morning sessions are productive for me. I tried a evening session when the family was out, but I just couldn’t focus and relax like I do with my morning sessions.
    Kicked it off with a 30 min edging session. I’m amazed that I have the willpower to hold off climax. Started off with the HS for about an hour. Pretty much spent the whole session laying on my left side experiencing p-waves after about 3 minutes relaxing and doing focused breathing. PC clenching had me nailing mini-orgasms, it was beautiful. I’ve been away from Anerosing for a few days and this experience was very rewarding. After about an hour I felt the urge to poo. Crap. Went to take care of business and cleaned off the HS but I wasn’t done so I went to get the Progasm ready. Got the PC in and boy can you feel the difference. Spent most of my time on my right side. This is the first time I’ve actually had a back to back comparison. PC is more filling (duh) and applies more pressure to the prostate. I noticed that my body responds differently to the HS and PC. The HS sensations were quick and rapid where the PC was slow but hit hard when the orgasms arrived. When I get both to start autof*cking, it’s all the same except the girth of the PC tears me up. It hurts so good. I find my sessions with the PC go about an hour before it just wears me out.

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      12/18/2016at3:26 pm

      @anerosjunque good blog; thanks for sharing. The two models you use are great and will never disapoint you no matter where you are in your journey. Keep writting!

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