• back in action

    As expected the holidays meant a full house and little time or privacy for a session. I also learned that alcohol is a deal buster. The one or two times I was able to try a session was after a night of partying, not excessive but enough. Sessions usually started out good but quickly faded and often I fell asleep. In fact i made myself sore after falling asleep with the helix in and removing it about 4 hours later. I had to give it a rest for a week. Had the chance to be alone and sober the other afternoon and lubed up and relaxed for a session. Still no big O for me but learning along the way.The first 30 min. are the most pleasurable for me at this point. I am now experiencing multiple pulsating sensations in my prostate as my body adjust to the Aneros being in. After about thirty min. it subsides and not much else happens. I then try different positions and some contractions to try and get something going. Last time around I tried just relaxing not thinking about the Aneros at all and gently rubbed my nipples they got erect and it felt pretty good. I then noticed my prostate woke up again and started the faint pulsing I usually get in the beginning of a session. My heartrate was increasing and it felt like some pleasure was about to happen and then it faded away. I had been at it for about one and a half hours and decided to stop because I had to be somewhere soon, but I am encouraged for the next session. Hopefully I will have a more exciting and interesting post the next time around.

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