• Back at the gym again

    Been a while since I posted. Visited the gym the past week and had another daring session with my toy. This session involved me inserting my helix in a stall in the mens locker room, putting on a pair of very flimsy undershorts and then riding on my scooter out to the pool area. Once I got to the smaller of the two heated indoor pools I asked the lifeguard for a floaty and went down the steps into the water. The water depth was about 4 1/2 feet so i could hold on to the foam noodle and float across the length of the pool with my feet dangling not hitting bottom. This made it very easy for me to move my hips and squeeze my butt cheeks together causing my helix to tease my prostate causing great pleasure to me. My gyrations were practically unnoticed due to the fact that my movements mimicked that of natural swimming movements. I began to squeeze my buttcheeks as I floated from one end of the pool to the other and then back again. As i did i would increase the time that I would hold the squeeze. Each time the pleasure would get more intense. I could feel precum oozing out with each squeeze. There were a few other people in the pool along with me and the thought of having mini orgasms right in front of them heightened my arosal. My cock by now was so hard and erect however being under the water it was undetectable to others. By now the squeezes were becoming longer and I could feel myself losing control. It was getting harder to stop myself with each long squeeze of shaking violently but I had to or run the risk of being discovered. I managed to time my last long squeeze to when I was at the far end of the pool where there was no one. That is where I had my last and most powerful orgasm. I wanted to shake and scream out in a long loud moan but i could not. I just quietly managed to orgasm squeezing my buttcheeks together causing my helix to hit my prostate with waves of pleasure that just kept coming for what seemed like forever. It was at this very time that I ejaculated inside my shorts in a almost uncontrollable release. I was spent by this time. I felt so guilty that I committed this act in public but felt so naughty at the same time. It was as if I was completely naked, completely exposed to the world and everyone in the pool was watching me orgasm. What an incredible experience!


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      04/18/2018at4:41 pm

      This is way hot, @ aneros_user82664! Thank you for sharing this experience with us! Did you use Helix Syn or the older Helix Classic or the very recent Helix Trident?

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      11/07/2020at4:18 pm

      that’s a cool way to do ,way to go.

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