• Baby Steps

    After sleeping in late Sunday morning, I awoke feeling really good. For a brief moment, the thought of having a morning session flashed through my head, but after thinking about it a little more, decided I wasn't really feeling it. Remembering how the peridise had made me squirm the night before left me with that satisfied, contented, morning-after feeling. Although I was anxious for a repeat performance, I figured I might be better served to give myself time to recover, and to read the forum for more insight and knowledge.
    So, for a string of 3 days I read a little during the day, and experimented a little at night. Was reminded not to try and force the process, but as I had seen its potential already, I caught myself doing it again and again, not really relaxing. Kept using the 20cm toy for the nightly sessions and it quickly became like another body part, very natural feeling. None of the nightly sessions in that 3 day span were of the magnitude of the Sat. night romp, and not even close to the lawnmower thing, but they were increasing in intensity night after night. Felt like not rubbing one out was having that effect, but I caved again Wed. night because I thought if I didn't, I was going to have a really hard time hiding all the untimely erections my nightly sessions were giving me during the day. Noticed the "phantom" sensation of the peridise still being there, often at an inopportune moment, or sitting would cause me to be aroused for no discernible reason. Even when my penis wasn't erect it was still hanging full and thick, so just moving around any at all would make me aware of it and aroused again. Loved the sensations, just not practical for my work enviroment.
    Now, like many others before me I'm sure, I had been wondering about the other aneros models I had been reading so much about. Thought if I were enjoying what I had so much, could one of the other ones be even better? Hell, I would have bought the whole product line the second day if I'd had the money, I was already hooked. Anyway, after a little more shopping, seen a good price on a Helix Syn, couldn't resist, and happily ordered it. Wanted to see how that silicone shape felt in contrast to the hard plastic of the peridise, and I'd read many fine things said about that particular model.
    Again I was surprised at how fast it shipped and delivered, only 2 days to my door. I got almost giddy with childish anticipation, probably grinning like an idiot, opening up the packaging after I found it in my mail, imagining it helping me to open more doors in myself that I hadn't even known I'd had.
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