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    I got my new Vice today. My third P massager. Did not have allot of time and wife participated…which was freakin awesome !!!! So allot more experimenting to do. So far looks Very promising 😀

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      03/28/2014at8:21 am

      It looks large at first glance. However, it inserts with very little effort. Size is full but feels nice as you feel it on all sides or all the way around.
      The vibe is powerful and extends though the device due to the design. I chose a high speed setting for this session. Make sure you lube the vibe before inserting it into the device, otherwise it is difficult to remove.
      Have tried KY and Olive Oil and so far olive oil seems to be the better of the two. Since it is filling and making contact, the lube is important for the most comfort.
      I laid on my back with my knees bent.
      About 7 to 10 min after inserting it, I began to sustain an erection without any contact. It continued to grow on it's own. Small spasms were starting on the inside.
      Wife began lightly touching my cock as the sensations continue. A few minutes of light touching and teasing result in a nice erection and awesome feeling.
      She then takes my cock into her mouth and performs a fantastic blowjob. As she pushed down on the base, I could feel the vibrations deep in my balls. I continue to contract around the device and enjoy the vibrations.
      She began tugging at the device and pushing it forward and inward. This created a nice sensation and I began stroking myself. The spasms grew stronger and closer together.
      By this time I am moaning and flinching uncontrollably and I can feel the rising up my cock.
      She continues to coax me and tell me not to rush myself and enjoy the ride.
      At this point I am bucking and lifting myself up from the bed, She is watching the head of my cock anticipating my orgasm.
      I cross over the edge and the fluid starts to flow from the head. Not shooting like a regular ejaculation but more oozing and overflowing in copious amounts.
      She continues her tugging and pushing through my orgasm .I lay still and enjoy the waves and vibrations for another five minutes or so after the fluid had stopped flowing.
      I look forward to more experimenting tomorrow. Thanks for reading !

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