• Awesome Session

    Started the day with a sexy text to her telling I couldn't wait fuck her wet pussy. Sent a cell shot of my semi erection to her cell to entice her for the afternoon. She responded that she was "biting her lip".. Got home and took a relaxing shower, washed away the day.
    The phone rang and it was her sister. She knew we had plans and after a bit she motioned and suggested I went ahead and get started with a Vice session.
    I went and prepared the Vice and coated it with coconut oil. I lubed myself as well. I had not cum in 48 hours so inserting the Vice was marvelous. Every milimeter made me cringe as I pushed it in deeper. The vibrations and sensations were almost overbearing and extremely pleasurable. I continued inserting it slowly savoring every inch of penetration from the device until it was fully seated causing me to arch up from the bed.
    I began the Kegel exercises and held it firm for 20 seconds or so. When I released the squeeze, it was a totally different sensation, yet wonderful. My prostate was buzzing and warming up.
    20 minutes later , she comes in still talking to her sister on the phone and takes my cock in her mouth… I am right on the edge of orgasm at this point…not so much erect but so ready to cum!
    I am naked with one leg straight out and one bent and the Vice is stroking in and out. Almost in an auto-fucking motion. I have a ring around my whole package and another at the base of my cock. At this point , it is more about the prostate than the cock ! She makes small talk with her sister as the strokes me softly. She drops her head and takes me back into her mouth. I feel the perineum tab vibrating on my scrotum as she bottoms out on my inflating dick. It feels wonderful and causes me to buck up towards her wanting lips. My knees and body are shaking uncontrollably. The Vice is pumping in and out of me in about 1" strokes. My cock stiffens as she pleasures me. She pushes down on my balls forcing the vibration up my shaft. The wet tongue on the outside and the fast buzzing on the inside feels magical. Pure bliss. I want this feeling to last forever. I grab a pillow and shove it in my mouth to avoid shouting out as she makes small talk and listens to her sister on the phone. She reaches for the coconut oil on the night stand and coats my penis with it. She strokes me with vigor forcing me to buck with her every motion. I feel the semen climbing up the shaft from deep in the base of my insides. She stops stroking and grabs the handle of the device . She tugs, pulls and pushes it in and out of me. My cock bounces with each thrust and I reach down to stroke myself. Now fully erect and bucking with every movement of the device and stroking in unison.
    I bite down on the pillow to stifle my moans and groans as I can hear her sister talking aimlessly unaware of the erotic scene going on on our end of the phone. She takes back over stroking and continues to work the device on me. My cock engorges and explodes as I ejaculate into her fingers. I have to grab her hand and hold it still because the ejaculation sensations are overpowering and way too intense. I shoot a copious amount of semen into her hand. I raise my hips upward and thrust into her hand as the Vice keeps buzzing and pumping deep inside me. The ropes keep cumming over and over. My hot seed runs down the back of her soft hand. She releases me and continues normal conversation on the phone like nothing even happened as I lie there in pure bliss !
    I am once again reminded of how very pleasurable this experience can be. She leans down and whispers to me that I owe her a good fucking…guess it is time to repay my debts…..

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