• Awesome Aless every morning since two weeks now, adding breath-control and slow-mo stim to my member …

    Hey guys, life couldn’t be more wonderful. If I only had more time to surrender to this awesome sexual and sensual bliss coming with re-wiring and Aless. This all time full-body awareness of arousal states of my nipples, my gland, my testicles, my penis or even my neck or my ears is so exciting. Every morning I take at least a quarter of an hour to give in to Aless. I only have to wake up to find myself starting feeling my vibes and having first involuntaries. Soon my whole body is in a state of arousal and my gland commands how I have to turn around or stretch or bend my legs or arms to support another orgasm. I only focus on any bodypart and my chi follows. Soon I feel the vibes sent out by my gland coming up my spine, taking chakra by chakra, reaching my brain and going down my front canal back to my gland again. My whole body seems to glow from energy while my mouth runs dry and I swallow, chuckle and heckle unwillingly. Often I throw back my head, turn around suddenly or squirm like crazy.
    Sometimes I added some breath-control to my session, intensifying the experience to the max. I only stop breathing until I can’t hold my breath anymore. Boom! As if I would have pushed a button to start a rocket my Aless goes wild soon afterwards.
    Sometimes I added some slow-mo and slight-as-possible stimulation of my nipples, one at a time, more often my right nipple, using only one or two fingers and of my frenulum, using only one finger. This leads to nearly unbearable strong vibes and often to superOs.
    Two times now I rediscovered my member by applying a new kind of massage. Avoiding up- and downstrokes I only put my fingertips on the downside beginning at the frenulum and my thumb on the upper side. Whether erect or not, keeping the fingertips in place, I give my member a slight massage, while my other hand cups my ballsack and my middlefinger touches my perineum. Now I focus on my gland while I let my fingers and thumbs do very little circles combined with a slight pressure. In a few minutes I have first contractions like when ejaculating and first drops of precum appear on my piss slit. Sometimes I lick it up, sometimes I use it as a lube at my frenulum.
    Two times I went on until I ejaculated with many strong squirts only from fumbling my member and ballsack without any stroking, the other times I only relished my precum and enjoyed my arousal, then called it a session.
    Have fun, guys! There is so much to discover. Stay curious! And good vibes on your journeys!


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      07/15/2017at6:52 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros You are very skillful at telling your erotic experiences and I enjoy reading them. By keeping that level of detail in your descriptions, you are providing honest and valuable direction for the rest of us! I agree: have fun, discover the pleasure and stay curious!

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      07/15/2017at9:04 pm

      @goldenboy, thank you very much for your nice comment! I’m only trying to give back a little bit of that big support I got myself from all of you sharing selflessly all your wisdom and knowledge in this forum.

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      07/19/2017at5:27 pm

      Since I read your beautiful stories, check out this I am going to try and successfully, have only 3 years ago discovered what fun you can have with your prostate and even without my favorite toy, thanks for your wonderful stories.

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      07/22/2017at8:07 pm

      @rlin, thanks for your nice comment, and good luck on your further journey!

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      07/30/2017at11:50 am

      SOwithoutAneros: Your blogs are inspiring to me I haven’t Masturbated since July 4 I don’t have blue balls anymore for some reason maybe I’m getting used to the Semen Retention my super Os .Are nothing but mine blowing A less is a whole different world for me your blogs are expireration to me your way with words which I do not have a reason why I don’t have a blog cannot describe this as
      good as you can thank you for your help what is the next level to this Once again thank you

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      07/30/2017at3:02 pm

      @Slondon7, thank you too.
      Either don’t know, where this all may lead us, but it still looks like the best is yet to come.
      Perhaps in the end we indeed will transcend to a new dimension? Who knows? May the vibes be with us!

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      01/31/2021at7:32 pm


      I hope you are continuing this practice of interacting with your Aless often at night in bed. As for me, I have done almost every night the last few years!

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