• Awesome Aless every morning for about a week …

    Hi everyone, last week I again had a nice ride with my Eupho Syn, sending me into wonderful moments of bliss and contentedness. After that and for about a week now I am amazed by a morning routine of about seven to ten minutes of finest Aless. After a short visit to the bathroom I first fully open the window of my dorm to let in fresh breezes of air before I undress and lie down naked on my bed. Now I spread my legs to the corners of my mattress and spread and stretch my arms to reach the headboard of my bed. Then I visualize adjustable straps being fastened to my ankles and wrists. This visualization only already makes me shiver and causes first involuntaries. The cold breezes from outside stimulates my skin. In less than two minutes my member is fully erect and first p-waves occur. Very soon my arousal takes hold of my whole body. The involuntaries become stronger as far as my visualized restraints don’t hinder them. I focus on my vibes and follow them from my prostate up my spine and further up to my head and, after touching my palate with my tongue, back the front channel again. This happens while I let out groans and moans and crazy quite undescribable sounds at unbelievable pitches from very low to extemely high. Finally I have some dry multiple orgasms, sometimes near a superO and as a visible result a pea-sized amount of clear precum beneath my glans. After having had some sessions of nearly an hour I have put a timer nearby and end up after about 10 minutes to get my errands and work done. But it’s such an awesome routine I won’t give it up that fast. Having licked up my tasty precum I stand up and do my Qigong exercises to fill up myself with even more energy, all in all a wonderful way to start my day. By the way – the dry ejaculations feel like real ones I really don’t miss for some time now. Instead I feel wonderful short Aless moments all through the day. Good vibes to all of you!


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      07/08/2017at11:22 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros excellent blog! I will have my fourth session with my Eupho Syn tonight and I plan to write about it tomorrow or in a few days. I need to express my opinion on this underated Aneros model.
      Thanks for sharing; I so look forward to escalating to your level of pleasure.
      Life is wonderful.

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      07/09/2017at9:17 pm

      @GGringo, thanks for your comment, “underrated” describes best what this “devilish little Eupho Syn” is capable of reminding me of my blog post of January 22th this year.
      Indeed this little tool has been pushing me from level to level, though or perhaps because I only take it in about every other month since it surprised me in such a stunning way last October making me call it href:””http://www.aneros.com/blogs/the-noisy-cricket/”>Noisy Cricket”.
      I’m full of anticipation to read your report, @GGringo, and wish you all the best and an awesome session tonight. 🙂

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