• Austin's great aneros adventure

    After reading about Aneros and the idea of reaching a Super-O, I purchased both a Maximus and Progasm Ice. Both of them arrived yesterday, and I could not wait to try them both out this morning. The Maximus seemed less intimidating, so after lubing it up with KY, I laid on my side and very nervously touched my hole with the head of the Maximus. Slowly it slid in and as it went in, almost immediately pre-cum started to ooze out of my penis. Once the head of the Maximus hit my prostate, more pre-cum oozed, but I did not get hard. After about ten minutes, I started getting used to the sensation of having the Maximus in me. The feelings were great, but nothing like what others have mentioned here. I have to say I like the "handle" on the Maximus, and after gyrating my hips around and up and down, the handle helped put pressure on my prostate. I then thought maybe I would be ready for the Ice, and after removing the Maximus and lubing up the Ice, it slid in very easy, and the fullness felt great. I did a several Kegels for the next half hour or so, and did feel a few minor sensations of like a dry orgasm starting, but nothing near the Super-O everyone speaks of. All in all I think it was a good first session. I fought off the temptation to jack off to gay porn, which usually makes me incredibly horny, in hopes that tomorrow's session will be better. There is some soreness from the size of the Ice, but it was a good soreness, I think… Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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      06/12/2015at2:30 pm

      I'd be interested in hearing about your progress. Mine has been sporadic with a Progasm Jr., Progasm Black Ice, and the Peridise. Several nothing sessions and a couple of excellent sessions, but no p-orgasms.

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