• Athletic cup & SR challenge! Palm Sunday Fizzle Failure, March 25 (day 21) : Approaching my SR goal and beyond!

    Hi guys,
    Today is day 21 of my SR challenge. It appears that I am approach my goal of semen retention. My BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 that I am wearing underneath my sweatpants feels real good this morning. I am diddling my nipples and caressing my pecs through my Under Armour Coldgear shirt. While doing this, I am Kegeling in my athletic cup and breathing slowly and calming at the same time while saying under my breath “Oh yeah!” over and over again! It feels so incredibly sweet down there right now!
    My Aless is very sweet this morning. I awoke in the 3 o’clock hour this morning with this sweet, vibrational sexual energy centered in my groin in BIKE CUP. I thought that I was going to swoon as I had a series of Super-O’s in my jock and athletic/”chastity” cup! As all this was happening, I was listening to the BBC on my pocket AM/FM/SW radio.
    I feel right now sexually on edge in a very good and exquisitely sweet way. I feel that I am right now on the summit fairly close to my PONR.
    Update @6:40 p.m., Unfortunately I had much more to add this blog entry just before 6 a.m., but a glitch at Aneros.com lost my update. I had to get ready for Palm Sunday services at church. It was only when I returned home late this afternoon and shed myself of the frenzy that I dressed once again in casual cloth with my jock and cup underneath. However, I do not what to think right now! 🙁
    Update @8:13 a.m. About thirty minutes ago, I dressed in my bed clothes with my BIKE CUP underneath. I feel better now but also exhausted. I may retire to bed earlier than usual tonight. Take care.


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      03/25/2018at5:23 pm

      Nice, BigGlansDC!
      It’s a magical time isn’t it? Savour and enjoy every second.

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      03/26/2018at12:22 am

      @Harper, Thank you for your encouraging words. It has been a very long day today. I am exhausted right now and may go to bed at an earlier than usual hour tonight.

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