• Athletic cup & SR challenge (Day 2) : Aneros session for Tuesday March 6

    Hi guys,
    My balls are boiling in Aless in my BIKE cup and jock after an Aneros session that I had with Helix Classic and MGX earlier this morning which lasted a good 45 minutes.
    I wore my jock and cup overnight in bed. The intense arousal that I experienced all day yesterday continued all night in bed. I think this arousal produced an extraordinary Aneros session this morning as well. I believe that a good jock and cup magnifies the sublime pleasure one experiences in Aneros sessions and then in Aless following.
    I began this morning’s session with Helix Classic which performed remarkably well. I couldn’t believe how good the silky smooth, in-and out fuck action of Helix Classic felt this morning. I am using this technique with MGX. Wearing and jock during sessions magnifies magnifies the operation and sensation of my Aneros tools.
    The session ended at 6:30 a.m. I stayed indoors this morning because it was a dank and overcast day. I dressed in casual winter clothing and wore my jock and cup underneath. I felt blah and had to lie down for a couple cat naps.
    It is now 6:15 p.m. in the evening. After using the bathroom late this afternoon, I took a brief shower and dressed in my night sweats and jock and cup underneath. It is this outfit that I will wear to bed in a few hours.
    I enjoy wearing immensely the BIKE CUP for extended hours. The erotic feel along with the Aless is still there, though more subtle today.
    @goldenboy write a blog entry earlier today on the subject of male sexual arousal which is pregnant with meaning. It is worth reflecting upon as I sleep in bed tonight. Take care!

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