• Athletic Cup and Aneros Communion : SR challenge (Day 3) & Aneros session for Wednesday March 7, Wow!

    Hi guys,
    I believe I had one of my most pleasurable and powerful Aneros sessions this morning, and it is ongoing and open-ended in Aless!
    Yesterday morning I had a fairly satisfying Aneros session with Helix Classic and MGX. However afterwards, I was left with a blah feeling. The last few months here in DC, we either had weeks of recording setting cold, or weeks of dark, gloomy and rainy weather. Yesterday it was the cloudy and damp variety. I had no choice but to take a few cat naps throughout the day. Generally yesterday was unproductive of my usual retirement pursuits, but I used the day to accustom myself to wearing my BIKE CUP and jock as a male “chastity” device, with smiles to @goldenboy!
    I slept well last night and woke up refreshed and rearing to go wearing my BIKE CUP and jock cupholder. I decided to have another Aneros session, my third in three days. So as part of shaving and washing routine (also shaving my nuts), I got both MGX and Helix Classic ready. Then I went outdoors cupped underneath my winter attire and returned with some breakfast from my neighborhood 7 Eleven.
    Once again for my session this morning, I wore my BIKE CUP and jock. It is wonderful to note that my extra virgin olive oil lube does not get on my lower leg straps and jock pouch. MGX performed much better this morning. I focused myself on the operation of MGX and its ribbed stem. MGX is one of my favorite Aneros models.
    But it was Helix Classic that performed as a star this morning! He fucked me so sleekly and smoothly the whole length of my anal canal and massaged the length of my prostate. It seemed that I was ascending once again the mount of Aneros pleasure, even the mountain of ejaculatory inevitability at the summit! I was locked into Aneros ecstasy as Helix Classic performed his magic on me! I didn’t want the session to end. When I ended it finally, 75 minutes had elapsed.
    Right now I am composing this blog entry in vibrant Aless wearing my BIKE CUP and jock underneath a Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer brief, all underneath jeans and other winter clothing. My cock is in the twelve o’clock position and comfortably semi-erect. My cup and jock magnifies greatly my vibrant Aless. This configuration also magnifies the pleasure of my occasional but regular Kegels, probably at most four per minute when I intently Kegel! 🙂
    In a way I am locked in a male chastity device, but right now it is a most pleasurable one, consisting of an athletic cup and jock secured by a boxer brief! Take care!
    Update @12:01 p.m. I learned from day 1 when I had to wear a jockstrap for 7th grade Phys-Ed class to always wear my penis up in the 12 o’clock position. That happened on the very day when I purchased my first jockstrap at the town drugstore. I was super excited at this purchase when I took it home with me. I went immediately to my bedroom and tried the jockstrap on for the very first time. I already had a rock hard boner oozing precum. So the only way to wear my jockstrap comfortable was to wear my erection up in the twelve o’clock position. My oozing Glans was scrunched against my jock waistband.
    With athletic cups, wearing the cock up in the twelve o’clock is even more important. Getting an erection in the down position can be downright painful in a cup.
    In recent years in my Aneros sessions, I noticed that my Aneros tools not only educated and sensitized my anal canal and prostate, but also my perineum. I just love how the lower end of my BIKE CUP thick and soft perimeter rubs against my perineum fueling my Aless pleasure!
    Update @2:30 p.m. I took an hour’s round trip, part walking, part talking the city bus to pick up a fairly large bottle of extra virgin olive oil since my supply of that lube was running low. I didn’t mind waiting for the bus for the ride back home, all the more to commune with my BIKE CUP both sitting on the bench at the bus stop, and then on the bus itself.
    I titled this blog entry “Athletic Cup and Aneros Communion.” A guy is making progress when he can commune with his Aneros tools, and they with him. Athletes who wear a cup and jock come to commune with those combos. He comes to identify with such so much so he loves wearing them. Throughout the day, I have had periods when my jock and cup ride me in Aless. This is even more so when I Kegel in my jock and cup. Likewise when a guy has an Aneros session while wearing a jock and cup, a lively, even vital, relationship develops between his Aneros, his jock and cup, and his anal canal, prostate, penis, and testicles, even his nipples which he may diddle during a session. The communion which I have described here opens a guy to many wonderful possibilities in his Aneros journey.
    Update @5:30 p.m. My Aless in my BIKE CUP and jock is beyond description. I will say that it is exquisite pleasure especially when I Kegel. My athletic “chastity” cup certain shows its pleasant face even now. I wonder if it will show its “mean face” later on this evening before heading to bed.
    Also I don’t think I will have an Aneros tomorrow morning, Thursday which is my fourth day of my SR challenge. I know one thing though. I will certainly wear BIKE CUP and jock and try to give you all a running account of my experience on Thursday.


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      03/08/2018at5:04 pm

      @bigglans Am I to assume that you wear your penis up at 12 O clock all the time that you are wearing a jock or a cup? Even going out of your apartment into the public? Please clarify. In sports, this concept is foreign to me. Thanks for an interesting post. You and Goldenboy make me want to try this stuff.

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      03/08/2018at8:53 pm

      @Turnrow, yes, I wear a jock and cup underneath a pair of boxer briefs underneath jeans outside my apartment to run errands outdoors. It is not obscene at all.
      Here is some information for you on the question on whether you can wearing your cock up or down in a jockstrap and/or cup.
      1. Study Specs at the NuttyBuddy,com web site on this question:
      2. Read the informative text and diagrams at the web page about the Nutty Buddy Cup patent:
      3. Read the informative text and diagram at the web page about the BIKE CUP which I am wearing these days:
      Most athletic cups these days are of the contoured, banana shape. They invite guys to wear their cocks up in the up position, i.e. the twelve o’clock position.
      Likewise over the years, I have worn my cock up in the twelve o’clock position in ordinary jockstraps. But I do not mind at all if my flaccid penis hangs over my scrotum in a jock pouch. In fact, it seems natural.
      The Nutty Buddy Cup is a state-of-the-art athletic cup that is also contoured. But it has a central chamber where you can wear your cock up in the twelve o’clock position. This cup also has dual chambers on either side for each testicle and a bottom chamber that reaches underneath your scrotum and covers your perineum (also your tail bone). This configuration makes for total protection for the athlete in contact sports.
      If a guy pops a boner in his jock and cup, in most cases it will becomes uncomfortable for him, if not downright painful for him. He will naturally readjust or rearrange his “junk.” Baseball players do this all the time in ball parks for all to see.
      They do not give it a thought.
      I can send you the links to the Nutty Buddy and BIKE CUP patents by e-mail if you wish. Just give me your e-mail address in a PM in the Aneros Message Center. Thanks!

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