• Astonishing session but a disappointing finish…

    Feeling like a bit of an idiot at the minute… the session I have just had has been the most incredible, pleasure-filled four hours of my life. Almost an hour has passed I'm still not over it. Every part of my torso is glowing with orgasmic energy, my cock is rock hard and my prostate is still sending orgasmic feelings to my pelvis and stomach.
    I'll give you the short version first… my session ended because I got a bit scared of what I was feeling. It makes me feel stupid because the pleasure I was experiencing was exactly what I've been looking for. It's what I could only previously dream about feeling and I got scared and removed my massager. I think I was having an anal orgasm… i've only ever had one experience that I could call an orgasm and that was last week so it's very new to me. That orgasm was also in my penis so I was obviously confortable with that.
    The pleasure in my anus is kinda new. I've felt pleasure there before but nothing of this nature. It took me by surprise.
    If anyone has any tips for me it'd be awesome, hopefully I can experience that again. )Without the fear(
    I've not masturbated for around three weeks, probably the longest I've gone without ejaculating before. I feel very energised and it takes very little to make me aroused. This morning I woke up feeling incredibly horny. My anus was twitching as I woke up. I ignored it and carried on with my day. By 11AM the twitching was back along with very subtle p-waves. These I couldn't ignore.
    I prepared myself and hopped into bed, I was so so so aroused. Everything I did from here on only increased my arousal. I pulled down my boxers to reveal a throbbing erection, the end of my cock glistening with a small amount of pre-cum.
    I began playing with myself, gently moving my hands all over my body. I brought out the largest peridise model and ran it over my body, brushing across my nipples and my stomach. I couldn't take it anymore. I was trembling with excitement.
    I slid the peridise in and enjoyed myself for half an hour or so. Plenty of p-waves and my body was well and truly warmed up. My prostate was so swollen I could feel it throbbing. I was yearning deeper stimulation so I switched to the Helix. As soon as it was fully inserted I felt amazing. Not just one part of me – all of me. I was overcome with a very warm wave. It wasn't orgasmic, it was very spiritual. I sunk deeper in to my bed and was overcome with feelings of happiness. I relaxed for a while enjoying the gentle trembling of my thighs, and the twitching of my anus.
    The next two hours were amazing. This warm feeling never left me and it was soon joined by pleasure. I felt that familiar tickle in my prostate, and I gently contracted my helix, making it rub up against it. Sooo good. I did this for a few minutes before my body took over. I wasn't consciously contracting anymore, my body was. I was free to relax and enjoy everything.
    It almost felt like I was asleep… I was so relaxed and I felt far away from my body but I could still feel every little ounce of pleasure. This orgasmic feeling came and went for what must have been two hours. Sometimes it was very subtle and other times not so much.
    However, towards the fourth hour there was a bit of a lull in the pleasure. I imagined the session was over for me – it had been a long one after all. I didn't want it to be over though. I just laid there and relaxed for a while, still no pleasure. I was a bit uncomfortable so I decided to switch to the Eupho.
    and then it began… I became erect for the first time in a few hours. It brought on an amazing feeling in the head of my cock. I thought I was going to have a dry-o like last week but this feeling disappeared and it was suddenly my anus that was on fire with orgasmic pleasure.
    To start with it was incredibly sweet. I don't even know how to describe it. It was intense and I was enjoying it so much. My abs and legs were involuntarily tensing up, my toes curled. My legs began to tremble again and this trembling brought on intense pleasure in my legs too. It was incredible. Probably too much… I relaxed myself in the hope that this feeling would subside but it didn't. It only grew and grew and grew, I was suddenly reminded that I wasn't in control of this orgasm I was having. It was spreading out to different areas of my body and then returning to my anus. I eventually managed to gain enough composure to pull out my eupho and end the session there… now I wish I hadn't! Bah.

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