• Arousal isn\'t limitless

    This isn't an entry regarding a session – but more one towards something new I've cottoned onto.
    My Aneros usage is typically an unstable relationship. After things don't work out with it, I break up. I flake off back to masturbation. "This is pointless, I'll never make progress towards Super-O anyway." Things just peter out with it.
    But then after a few months apart, masturbating gets tiresome and depressing. Usually, when abstaining for a few days mixed with a burst of confidence (from achieving, like surviving a rough deadline) – arousal swells and Aneros perks up and into gear. The few days of arousal high feels really great, and I tend to make good progress from the last few months back. I learn something new with the Aneros.
    But there's something I learnt today that, surprisingly, hasn't clicked until now.
    As the title says, arousal is a currency that can clearly be spent down to nill. My fall-outs with Aneros were, in fact, when I blew my orgasmic vibes in quick doses to the models (and outside of sessions). It also gets me down and I feel like I wasted my time but nay. Maybe now it's simply a matter of managing my arousal more carefully. Masturbating a bit here and there, after all, couldn't hurt – but keep the amount down to once a week.
    My real discovery is: the Aneros doesn't provide arousal and sensation; it's the RESULT of the two. It amplifies them. The best times to use it, I guess, are when I feel aroused too.
    Arousal is back to the top – more or less, after two days.
    Still haven't had a the same great surprise as before but that's why it's called a surprise.

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