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    I had to post this blog due to the events that lead up to the session and I promised someone on the chat room I would post if some thing exciting happened during this session. Let me explain. I was working in my office that is close to my home and had been planning to go home and have a session with my Helix. With the progress I have been making and as horny as I was getting I was really looking forward to it. When I got home my daughter was still there and said she did not have to go into work at normal time today but one hour later. I could not believe it, I was looking forward to this all afternoon. I could not take it so I grabbed my helix and lube and went back to the office. I have never tried this anywhere except in my bed at home. I lubed up in the bathroom inserted the helix and went over to my office chair and reclined. Not much was happening so I logged on to the chat room. There was only one guy on and I told him my story. I think he laughed but he said he admired my ambition. The session in a office chair with pants on and on the computer was a total dud for me. I decided to go back home and try to continue. I left the helix in and drove home with it in. That was interesting had to sit a little sideways and got a few good feelings on the “ride” home. The daughter was gone, raced up stairs took off everything and laid on the bed. relaxed for half a hour and could not get anything going. I was starting to get worried about my wife coming home so I cleaned up and took a shower. Then the fun began. I decided to lay on the bed after my shower and relax and try some a-less . If someone came home I would just get up and start getting dressed like I just got out of the shower. I laid on my back and had my legs pulled up feet resting on the mattress. I began a little nipple stim and the pulsing started in my prostate, i was able to totally relax after the ordeal i was just through and the warm shower. I rocked my legs side to side a little and the movement and pressure it put on my cock started to feel good. It was not direct stimulation of my cock but the movement felt good and it got the aneros moving a little. My cock started to get hard. its a weird feeling when you get an erection from the Aneros without any cock stimulation its like it has a mind of its own and knows what is on the way. then the warm feelings started to build in my prostate and cock I could tell my cock was getting very hard but I was not touching it. got a few good pulses and then a very warm and tingley build up and a nice dry o with 4 or 5 contractions no cum just a few drops of clear pre cum. I just started to have mmo my last session with the Aneros and now I was on my way A-less. I relaxed for a few minutes and started to rock my legs from side to side again and then open and close them butterfly style. not flapping like a bird just nice and easy. Again the movement josseled my cock around a little and got the aneros moving. Things started to build quickly, every time I would open my legs the would tremble and when I closed them my cock would get harder This went on for a minute or so and the trembling and cock hardening started to get intense, soon I was flapping my legs like a bird and started a strong dry orgasm that led into a wet orgasm with no direct penis stim just the movement from rocking around. When I realized i was having a wet O I tried to stop it and only a small amount of cum came out but that was enough to cool things off. I cant believe it two mmo sessions in a row. one with and one with out the Aneros. Sorry for the long post I promised the guy on the chat room I would post if something unusual happened. Looking forward to more exploring.

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      09/09/2016at12:24 am

      @sfs GREAT story! I’m getting exited just thinking of such an experience in the office. I’m retired now but my mind is still at work sometimes. Maybe I need to work that in my next fantasy for my sessions. Thanks for sharing.

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