• Another new toy

    I’ve noticed over time that my prostate has changed in the kinds of stimulation it responds to. For a while it responded very well to my Eupho Syn Trident. Then it seemed to prefer the MGX Syn Trident. Every once in a while it liked my Helix Syn Trident.

    I noticed a pattern. It started with liking gentle subtle stimulation like with the Eupho. Over time it seems to respond to more direct stimulation. I’ve had my Progasm for a while, but it’s never really done much for me. My guess is that while my body is liking more direct stimulation, the Progasm is so large that it can’t move around much. I thought that getting the Progasm Junior would give me the best of both: fullness and mobility.

    I ordered the Progasm Junior when it was on sale. It came in the mail yesterday, and I was anxious to try it. I started the session with my MGX, and it was nice. I soon found out that it was a warm up for the main event. So I inserted the Progasm Junior. It was awkward at first. I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. It’s very different from my other ones. I find the the “do nothing” method works well for me. I insert my toys, start playing with my nipples, and let my body take over. It seemed like my body didn’t know what to do with it at first. Finally, I could feel the warmth and tingling in my prostate. I could feel this sensation all over my body that I don’t think I’ve ever felt. It was waves of pleasure. I could feel the tip milking my prostate, and it was heavenly. I actually thought it would make me ejaculate. It felt like my prostate was expanding and contracting. I focused intently on the sensations and it magnified them. I really enjoyed feeling it all coming on. It felt like it was going deeper and deeper. My dick got so hard. It was an amazing experience. I’m thinking about trying again tonight.

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