• Announcement: Password trouble II (for goldenboy, GGringo, Turnrow … et al.)

    Hi @goldenboy, @GGringo, @Turnrow …. et al.

    Please copy and paste the sections with quotes to General Discussions and Suggestions to Aneros sections of the Aneros Forum page. I cannot post there at this time because of serious password problems logging on there. Thanks!

    “Hi guys from BigGlansDC,

    “I have been a member of and active participant in our Aneros community since 2012 when I began my Aneros journey. When our current web site became operational in April 2015 or so, I began having problems logging to the Aneros Forum. But I was able to have full access to the Aneros Forum, the blog section, Aneros chat, etc. by just logging into Aneros account at the login at the top right hand corner where you can purchase Aneros products. I can do this still, but two nights ago I lost the ability to post comments on the Aneros Forums page. The login there just will not let me log in even though I have changed my password twice. I have contacted Aneros Support and the Webmaster twice, but have not heard back from them! This is most aggravating!!! @rumel and other experienced posters, do you have any thoughts here about this problem? Thanks! Thom./BigGlansDC”


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      05/05/2018at10:07 am

      I am having similar problem, I can login from homepage and can enter here on blog but do not have any access to forum? WTF?

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      05/06/2018at8:59 pm

      That is a terrible shame. @ReWire. Perhaps other members of Aneros.com who are suffering the same login glitch as you and me! 🙁

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