• Aneros subtlety has power! Friday morning session, 8/19/16

    Hi guys,
    Early last evening near sunset I tried to have a bate and edging session around 6:30 p.m. But my sexual ardor flagged and so I laid down and took a nap. When I came to, it was already nearly past dusk. I looked out at the sky which was mostly overcast with the lingering fading sunset which let me know that summer is waning. Soon September days will be upon us.
    Usually I retire just after 10 p.m., but I stayed up a little longer to hear an evangelical sermon on the radio. I was lying on my futon still dressed in my T-shirt and cargo shorts. During that broadcast, I caressed my chest and abs, and played with my nipples through my T-shirt. It is interesting that such subtle sexual play gets my prostate going! 🙂
    I slept well last night, but woke up 4 a.m. to listen to my walk man radio for a while. There was not any news on NPR in the 5 o’clock hour worth hearing, so I decided to have a session! I certainly was horny for one!
    This morning I used in order the following Aneros models: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Progasm Jr, and Maximus.
    I concentrated this morning on the subtle action of these models. Eupho Classic is a little more aggressive and hence penetrates more decisively than its younger brother, Eupho Syn. Both Eupho Classic and Eupho Syn do “dance” though as they massage the anal tract and prostate. I get off an a running start when I use either of these models. Helix Classic performed exquisitely in massaging those two areas of my backdoor. I love Helix Classic what it does to me as a man!
    Progasm Jr locks itself into position for a no holds ride, but this morning it was a gentle ride which I too savored. I ended the session with Maximus which penetrates me in such direct fashion, a model that works so well with the Kegels.
    Right now I am typing this blog in Aless which is strong, powerful, and sweet, and fueled by my Kegels. I think I’ll stay home today and run my errands tomorrow morning. I am working on a translation project, all the while entering into and savoring my Aless!
    9:47 a.m. Post session reflections while working with my Aless!
    A good Aneros session, I have found, produces good or even, great, Aless. But I have found lately, perhaps for a long time, that Aneros subtlety has power and my Aless is so sweet that at times produces such sweetness that it is excruciating or frustrating that such has not achieved release in a Super-O or a Super-T. Oh, to have Super-O’s or Super-T’s that are transformative and open doors to greater Aneros experience!
    How can I trigger Super-O’s or Super-T’s? Really nobody can do this. Only I do such, in my own way. I wonder if such a question is related to how I trigger orgasm and ejaculation of semen when I masturbation. But for me as well as many other guys (unless shown by a bate buddy), the experience of that very first orgasm and ejaculation happens out the blue. For me, that is the way it happened. I was masturbating and playing with myself for good six months, when early one Saturday night, masturbation just felt better and better like nothing before, when a tidal wave of pleasure swept over me and I experienced my first ejaculatory orgasm at age 14!
    I think that my first bona fide Super-O will happen, for sure, out of the blue!
    11:21 a.m. update, my Aless was revved up a great deal when I had to contact Aneros Customer Service about the discrepancy of measurement of the dimensions of Progasm Classic, ICE, and Progasm Jr models. Maybe a bate and edging session is in order! 🙂
    Update at 7:56 p.m. It has been a long day. I may go to bed early tonight. I just want to say that I have had some “attacks” of Aless pleasure throughout the day. I have errands to run tomorrow morning, but may have a session tomorrow evening to round out the week.


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      08/21/2016at6:51 pm

      @BigGlansDC, by the sounds of it, you had a pretty good and fun-filled day!..I share your appreciation for A-less sessions specially when lasting all day. On my trip home from RVing, I had strong but sweet A-less feelings. I wonder if I will ever orgasm while driving?? Regards.

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      08/21/2016at8:15 pm

      @GGringo, you can certainly experience an orgasm while driving. That is called a cargasm. After I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012, three weeks later I began to experience P-waves. Some weeks later in July 2012, I had my first chairgasm. When I began working with Maximus a few weeks later, I began experience walkinggasms and bedgasms. When I added Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE in September 2012, as part of my rewiring process, Aless became a permanent fixture. 🙂 I add that whenever I listen to a particularly beautiful piece of music now, I experience a musicgasms which are so sweet and sublime!

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      08/21/2016at11:25 pm

      @BigGlansDC, thank you. I’m at the P-waves level but I feel on the very edge of drive, stand, sit orgasms. I’m practicing sexual energy transfer into my brain and other parts of my body. I never would have thought it possible. I feel GREAT!

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