• Aneros Springiness and Mushiness

    Hi guys,
    We had several days earlier this week with frigid weather. I had to end several sessions then prematurely because it was so cold in my apartment.
    I do not know if it was Thursday or yesterday Friday. But either of those days, I was working with Helix Syn in a really wonderful way. Towards the end of my session with Helix Syn, I used the doggie style and just let this model massage my hole with subtle anal contractions which produced a very delicious and sweet sensation. When I withdrew Helix Syn and stood up to go back to my bathroom, I felt that my standing was springy and mushy, almost like I was floating on air. It was uncanny!
    Take care.
    P.S. I add that I didn't feel any weakness when all this happened. After I witndrew the Helix Syn from within me, I stood up with my accustomed strength, but felt that I was standing or "floating" upon a cushion of sweet, sexual energy.

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