• Aneros Sessions on BPH Medication

    I am 57 years old, married and a long time user of Aneros devices and other prostate devices. My marriage is sexless, has been that way for many years, and I’m quite happy that way.

    My Aneros journey began in 2001 when I ordered a device through High Island Health, a sister company of Aneros. As I understand it, HIH caters to the health side, Aneros to the sensual side.

    I ordered the device from HIH after having issues due to lack of sexual outlet (my wife and I had decided to go sexless a few months before), leading to prostate congestion and a medical visit for the later. My new doctor put me on Flomax for 2 weeks and also suggested I take a look at the HIH website as there was beginning to be some anecdotal evidence in the medical community that the devices could be helpful.

    The classic device was helpful, and I added several other Aneros products including a Helix and an original type Progasm.

    Back in 2019 my doctor decided to put me on Avodart – initially a trial, but with the intent it would be permanent if things went well. She had done a routine DRE and felt I was now old enough, and my prostate large enough, to warrant some significant medical intervention. She also put me on Flomax for 3 months. Later I tried Rapaflo, and back to Flomax.

    To be honest, as a result of being on Avodart and Flomax, my libido had decreased enough that I stopped using my Aneros devices. My mind was no longer on sex. Erections were difficult to achieve and did not last.

    Last week I was in to see my doctor. She asked me how I was doing, and happened to ask me if I still used the Aneros devices. I said that I stopped after being put on Avodart and Flomax. She encouraged me to start using them again. Later that day my wife asked how the doctors visit went and I shared this with her.

    Yesterday [a holiday] my wife told me to find my Aneros and she was going to make sure I started using them. I stripped to my undershirt, and she applied KY to my Helix and my anus, gently working it in until it effortlessly slid in. She lightly stroked my little penis, but it remained soft and shrivelled, drops of precum seeping out. She picked out a very tight fitting pair of white spandex briefs and told me to put them on as it wouild help hold the Aneros in. She ordered me to lay on our bed on my back and tied my wrists to the headboard with some rope “so I would not touch myself”. She told me she would check on me in an hour or so.

    To be honest, there was not much sensation with the Helix. My theory is with my prostate smaller that it did not press against the Helix. Still, I was aroused as it was the first time in a long while that I had been penetrated and I enjoyed that my wife was taking charge so to speak.

    When she returned, I told her I could not feel much with the Helix. She got me over on my side, pulled down the briefs, pulled out the Helix, lubed the Progasm and pushed it in. I gasped from the sudden entry of the much thicker device. She pulled the briefs back up and I scooted over on my back again.

    The difference was most welcome. I could feel the Progasm against my prostate – it felt good.

    That better? my wife asked. I said much better.

    She stroked my penis again – “its so soft, so tiny, so harmless”

    She open her nighstand drawer, took out a couple of her favourite toys – her Lelo rabbit vibe and her manhandler dildo. She removed her dress and her panties, sat in the chair facing the bed and raised her slip. She teased herself with the rabbit, then inserted the manhandler – masturbating for a few minutes til she climaxed.

    She announced she was going to her mother’s apartment to visit for a few hours and untied me. Have fun but do not masturbate she said.

    Much as I tried, I could not get anywhere. Lots of precum, but just tired, bored and frustrated, I removed the Progasm. I showered and went about my day.

    Last night however I had an incredible wet dream.

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