• Aneros sessions are cumulative & you have Aneros tipping point[s]

    Hi guys,
    A few days ago I had a realization that the effects of Aneros sessions are cumulative. They begin to produce pleasure and well-being while gradual and imperceptible in the beginning increase over time. Soon you reach an Aneros tipping point or even a series of them in your Aneros journey. That tipping point may be something great such as experiencing your first Super-O. Then afterwards your sessions become effortless, laden with even more pleasure. However as one continues with Aneros, this journey never ends. It just gets better! :-] My first Super-O experienced on the morning of the last July 4 was subtle, but produced pleasure in Aless which grew and grew that day. Since then, my sessions have been effortless. I just want to merge with Aneros pleasure both in my sessions and Aless.
    What do you think?

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      03/31/2016at6:33 pm

      This is so true for me too! My A-less sessions seem to have reached that tipping point this week!

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