• Aneros session for Thursday June 18, 2005

    Hi guys,
    I have been blessed by some really pleasurable Aneros sessions lately which have left me with really amazing Aless!
    This morning I tried in order the following models: Maximus, Helix Classic, Tempo, and Progasm Ivory.
    After a brief jaunt to a neighborhood to get some food, I started with Maximus. Maximus and I this morning interacted well, but not well enough as in other sessions. So I went on to Helix Classic which hit all the right places today. Abundant pleasure resulted which spurred me on to Tempo and Progasm Ivory which continued the upward trajectory of Aneros pleasure!
    The reason why I use multiple models in my sessions is that where one model may not perform up to expectations, another model can fill the bill!
    This morning my Aless feels like my body is in a continuous, yet minor boil. I am savoring the sweetness of this Aless feeling like my body is riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Take care!

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