• Aneros Session Early Tuesday Morning August 28, 2012

    Hi guys,
    Early this morning at 2:30 a.m., I had an Aneros session after two guys on BateWorld.com urged me to do it. I thank both of them for their prompting.
    I began with the Maximus which slipped in smoothly and easily. I spent several minutes on my side accommodating myself to it by performing some Kegels. The Kegels set my Maximus firmly in place against my prostate. Then I maneuvered myself with my butt on a folded pillow and began my session in earnest. My session began slowly as I began a series of deep, slow breathing exercises which set in motion the Maximus massaging my prostate. Then began the P-waves which gathered in intensity which in turn propelled my Maximus prostate massage. This went on for a good 45 minutes. All this action produced pleasure beyond measure. I am sure that I experienced many dry mini-O's. Throughout this block of time, I stimulated my nipples and caressed my thighs which fueled everything! It all felt so good.
    I could have gone on with the Maximus after the massage action and P-waves wound down. I decided to take the Maximus out of my rectum. It took me perhaps a good five minutes to pull it out slowly and carefully. All this gave me much joy in that the Maximus was embedded fully in my butt.
    I then took a five minute intermission while I cleaned my Maximus with anti-biological detergent in my bathroom. I returned with my Helix Syn thoroughly lubed with Astroglide. It didn't insert as smoothly or easily as the Maximus. Insertion caused some discomfort. However I continued with the Helix Syn for a good thirty minutes, but the session didn't go as well as it had with the Maximus. Towards the end the Helix Syn slipped out more easily than I wanted. I returned to my bathroom for another pit stop to cleanse my Helix Syn.
    Finally I returned again with the Maximus thoroughly lubed. This time it didn't slip in as well as earlier in the session. Insertion caused some discomfort, yet I continued with the Maximus for another thirty minutes. It did produce some P-waves, but little pleasure. Towards the end it slipped out easily which caused me to end the session.
    I realize that I am still a newbie with the Aneros, having used it since early June. My sessions are a work in progress. Despite the difficulties that come my way with the Aneros, I strive to enjoy each session as unique for what it is. Each session has something to teach me. In many ways, learning to use the Aneros proficiently is similar to learning how to learn how to play a musical instrument. One has to use the Aneros consistently for best effects. Learning how to play a musical instrument takes much practice. In time not only will I cause my Aneros to sing but also my whole body! Also using the Aneros effectively is similar to playing a sport. Could all this be similar to masturbation or having sex?
    Anyway after wrapping up everything, I went to bed at 4:30 p.m. and slept to just before 7 a.m. But I had to take a two hour nap early this afternoon. The nap enabled me to absorb my Aneros session at a deep level. I woke up to some nice bedgasms and since then I feel chairgasms, even walkinggasms coming on! Take care!

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