• Aneros, revisited

    It has been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to play with my Progasm. Last time I had it in, I felt as though I’d made good progress towards getting closer to P-waves and a Super O. Due to time restraints and the inability to be alone, I’ve had very little time to experiment. Since reading some of the blogs, however; I have found one thing that really has made a difference: nipple stimulation. All I can say is WOW! My left nipple definitely leads right to my prostate! While using the Progasm, I did have a few moments of feeling something different, and while I was most relaxed in breathing, ambience and relaxing jazz music, those moments that did come left all too soon. I began to think that perhaps the Progasm was too long to be stimulating my prostate. I would always have a non-stop stream of pre-cum and in most cases some prostatic fluid, but it just felt like it wasn’t doing what it should. So after some research, I settled on the Helix Trident. Last friday, I had the afternoon to myself, so went through my usual ritual of flushing my rectum out, filling it with some lube (Sessions is the best!) and then got down to trying out the Helix. In short, I did feel like it was hitting my prostate in all the right places. Being used to the Progasm, the Helix slid in nice and easy; I didn’t even really feel it there until I started contractions with my anal sphincter and Kegels. As usual, pre-cum oozed out almost non-stop, and this time more prostate fluid leaked out as well. With constant nipple stimulation, I got a pretty good and hard erection, and decided to switch to the Progasm Black Ice. Wow, the feeling was different, and it did feel like it overshot the prostate. So after 15 minutes or so with the Ice, I switched back to the Helix. I also decided to lay on my stomach, and thrust my pelvis and flaccid cock into the towel on the bed. About five minutes of doing this, I began to clench my anal sphincter, and could feel the Helix move in and out, rubbing on my prostate. The more I clenched, the better it felt, and although my cock was completely limp, I could feel as if I was building towards an orgasm. Uncertain as to whether or not this would be my first Super-O (which it felt like it would be!), I kept clenching tightly until I could feel my prostate grow, and before I knew it, my fourteen day load of hot semen exploded out of my flaccid cock onto the towel and my belly. The orgasm was amazing, but I really was hoping I would not have ejaculated. I can’t wait to find time to continue my Helix journey. I’d certainly welcome any suggestions, so feel free to respond to my blog. Thanks!

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