• Aneros "replacement" at rehab center with heightened Aless!

    Hi guys,
    We are having today a foretaste of the long DC summer. Today is the People’s March against Climate Change to protest Trump administration’s denial of climate change and the value of science in our society.
    Also today a crew has been contract by my apartment building management to clean out the “muck” in the lily pond in our central courtyard during the past year. They began late morning and will most likely finish late afternoon. They have been making a big racket nonetheless.
    I had planned to have an Aneros session this afternoon but may postpone to early evening tonight. I am certainly horny for one!
    As you know, I was out of commission for nearly three months earlier this year for a broken right hip, subsequent surgery, and rehab. The whole process took ten weeks with further healing at home when I was released on March 17.
    My rehab took place in a residential center for mostly the poor a few blocks north of the U.S. Capitol here in DC. My first day at the center was more than enough for me to engage with rehab one hundred percentage to heal from the surgery, to learn to walk once again, and regain my strength as much as possible to convince the center authorities to release me on March 17!
    I enjoyed my sessions of rehab in the center gym which occurred only five days a week. Each session lasted about two hours a piece. I tried to keep myself occupied with reading outside of sessions as far away from the 24/7 din of TV sets. Nevertheless I found all this boring which made me evermore determined to prepare myself for discharge or release. Fortunately my roommate and I had a gentlemen’s agreement to turn off our TV’s 9 or 10 p.m. at night. However, there was little I could do to prevent him from turning on his TV at 5:30 a.m. everyday including Sundays! 🙁
    After a month at the center, I witnessed a resurgence of my sexual libido with erections at night. So I dealt with them playfully by tapping to my sexual memories and fantasies of past years going back to my adolescence. My sexual play with my penis led to something new which I had not tried ever before in my life. First I would “dress” my cock by wrapping tightly one or several pieces of toilet paper around my cockshaft. Then I would take one or two pieces of toilet to cover my exposed glans. I labeled such as “glans caps.” Then I finished the process by wrapping two or more pieces of toilet paper around my “dressed” cock tightly. I styled this combination as a cock sleeve, or cock sheath, or a cock piece. I found this nightly activity to be highly erotic.
    I also discovered during this time the delight of stimulating my tits through erotic touch. I called this “diddling.” Diddling my tits and pecs fueled my Aless, my erections, and my masturbation. My dressed cock accentuated all this even further. What I noticed is that I would feel the pulsating Aless at the base, even root of my cock. These pulsation would travel up my cock shaft and end up in my glans. Invariably my glans would be oozing precum. All this activity facilitated my masturbation sessions in a covert fashion from the eyes of the nursing staff at night and also not disturb my roommate.
    I have continued this activity since my release in the privacy of my apartment with its quiet and relative darkness. I use 7 Eleven napkins now for my dressed cock. I just love to diddle even as part of surfing the edge of the PONR or point of ejaculatory inevitability.
    However, one’s dressed cock has to be supported and secured in the pouch of a fairly tight pair of boxer briefs or a jockstrap, such as the C-IN2 jockstrap I am wearing this afternoon.
    Take care!

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